Love Unites

Focus on an area of Amman
by Pastor Dale

The group began as an outreach of another church in Amman. When this new church obtained a place to meet, it began to establish key ministries to both the dominant culture and refugees.

a - children ministryThis church has a growing and dynamic children’s ministry. These children represent Jordanian and refugee children of several cultures. The ministry in this community is unique as people of different Middle Eastern cultures and backgrounds gather. As I visited, I understood firsthand the power of love. Love unites people, and the love expressed in this church is the love of Jesus Christ!

2 - refugees basic needsThe church ministers to refugees, mainly Palestinians and Iraqis. It is a joy for the church to provide some basic needs to refugee families and talk with them. The refugees come to the meeting place for clothes, food and supplies, and church members also visit in homes regularly.

4 - cramped rental spaceA key ministry is outreach to women of all cultures. God has blessed the church with a woman gifted by God with the ability to touch and reach the dominant culture. On Saturdays it is normal to find the church packed with women. They study, socialize, pray and support one another. The ministry is growing, along with the church. The rental space is becoming very cramped! Monday is the worship service, and space is at a premium.

5 - church at prayerPrayer has been a consistent value of the church. The church regularly prays for God’s healing touch and regularly sees God doing miracles. Last fall, the church faced some persecution, but God provided for the needs. Praise God for the Waypoint (Clarkston, Michigan) FMC’s help with funding for security updates for the ministry.