Country Statistics

  • Population: 19,458,019
  • Evangelical Christians: 17%
  • FM Work Opened: 1973
  • Ecclesiastical Accountability: FMC-USA through Bishop Matthew Whitehead

    Central Annual Conference

  • FM Churches: 84
  • FM Membership: 13,458
  • Ordained Ministers: 47
  • Conference Ministerial Candidates: 15

    Northern Annual Conference

    • FM Churches: 12
    • FM Membership: 4,011
    • Ordained Ministers: 12
    • Ministerial Candidates: 4

      Southern Annual Conference

    • FM Churches: 67
    • FM Membership: 6,269
    • Ordained Ministers: 22
    • Ministerial Candidates: 4


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    • the Great Commission Bible School in its work of training excellent pastors
    • church leaders to multiply and spread the gospel
    • Bibles to get into the hands of those needing to learn God’s Word


    Reproducible Bulletin Insert

    Supporting Malawi Church Planting and Development (CPD) will help resource the following people and strategic initiatives:

    Evangelism, transportation and meetings costs for the superintendents of the three conferences

    Transportation, food and lodging scholarships for pastor-students for each of three modules per year

    Adjunct Professor - Malawi
    Located in one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, Great Commission Bible School (GCBS) is training up the next generation of Africa’s FM church leaders. Three times a year, GCBS invites two Bible/pastoral teachers and one English teacher to teach for one month in Malawi. If you are an available pastor or professor, maybe you can bring along a person who is able to work in the area of maintenance. This great short-term missions experience can make a long-term impact on many lives.