Mar. 6, Mon. – International Child Care Mnistries – Kenya
Praise God for Dr. Eli Buconyori Boys High School as it celebated it’s grand opening this month. Pray that from its beginning, this school will establish a pattern of forming godly young men.

Mar. 7, Tues. – Creative Access, Mark & Lena
Pray for God’s hand over the unique congregation of people with multiple languages, cultures and backgrounds in the community where Mark and Lena minister.

Mar. 8, Wed. – Latin America, Delia Nuesch-Olver & Paul Olver
Pray for young leaders with effective cell group experience, trained in community Church Planting, who are relocating to cities in Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and other Spanish-speaking countries. Pray for God’s will as new cjhurches are beginning in these cities.
Birthday: Delia, Roger Varland, Kenya

Mar. 9, Thurs. –Bulgaria
Join in prayer for individuals receiving training at the new St. John’s Training Center for Biblical Studies.

Mar. 10, Fri. – Asia, Eric & Virginia Spangler
Pray for Area Director Eric as he works with the Cambodia Mission District and the Hong Kong Annual Conference to help Cambodia move toward Provisional Annual Conference status.

Mar. 11, Sat. – Creative Access
Pray for God’s truth to mature and reign in the hearts of believers to help them stand up under pressure when challenged because of their faith.
Birthday: Wendi, creative access

Mar. 12, Sun. – Global, David & Rose Brewer
Pray for the right connections and fruitful conversations between SEED’s Network Relations Manager David Brewer and FM colleges and universities about potential partnerships with SEED (internships, guest lectures, curriculum development and other ideas).
Birthday: David