March 14-20, 2016

Mar. 14, Mon. – Kenya/Africa, Don Rogers, Affiliate/ELI
Pray outreach activities through Empowering Lives International will bring whole families to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Mar. 15, Tues. – Spain, Anna Henry, Associate/VISA
Pray children’s lives are changed because of the Christian examples of their leaders at the Logos learning center.
Birthday: Anna

Mar. 16, Wed. – Asia, Seth & Hlawn Hlawn Van Tifflin
Join Seth and Hlawn Hlawn in prayer for their preparation to serve in Southeast Asia. Pray for their funding to be in place in God’s timing and for their hearts to be prepared to share the love of Jesus effectively.

Mar. 17, Thurs. – Asia, Becca
Pray Holy Light Theological Seminary students continue to gain knowledge and experience so they will have a foundation for a lifetime of kingdom ministry.

Mar. 18, Fri. – Honduras
Pray for God’s continued hand of leading and growth for the seven FM churches in Honduras. Also pray outreach to youth can be specifically geared to the majority of the nation’s population.

Mar. 19, Sat. – Togo
Pray for the early stages of developing the Wesley Missionary Institute campus, a training center to raise up African missionaries.

Mar. 20, Sun. – Hungary, International Missionaries, Gerry and Kati McNamara
Pray children will see the love of Christ through weekly ministry at an orphanage in Győr.