March 7-13, 2016

Mar. 7, Mon. – Peru
Pray for unity, clear vision casting and practical sharing of people-reaching strategies at the upcoming Peru Mission District meetings.

Mar. 8, Tues. – Latin America, Dr. Delia Nüesch-Olver & Dr. Paul Olver
Pray for stamina and protection over Delia and Paul, who have extensive travel schedules.
Birthday: Delia

Mar. 9, Wed. – Bulgaria, Chance & Dee Dee Galloway, Associate/VISA
Pray for Chance and Dee Dee’s work with various church-planting, compassion and micro-enterprise projects.

Mar. 10, Thurs. – Asia, Eric & Virginia Spangler
Eric and Virginia request prayer for clarity and love in their communication and in the leadership they bring across multiple cultures.
Birthday: Eric; Chance Galloway, Bulgaria

Mar. 11, Fri. – FMWM Global
The Easter season provides evangelistic opportunities to share the gospel with those in other cultures. Pray as churches welcome their communities to planned Easter activities.
Birthday: Wendi, Creative Access

Mar. 12, Sat. – Global, David & Rose Brewer, SEED Livelihood, Associate/VISA
Pray for wisdom in choosing which countries to visit and for the funding – above and beyond the standard SEED budget – to enable Rose to travel for SEED.
Birthday: David

Mar. 13, Sun. – Bahamas
Pray for revival to impact lives, many of which are focused on materialism. Pray for renewed commitment of believers to share their faith with others.