March Heartbeat

New Life For Arab Immigrants

When Hagar escaped from Abraham and Sarah’s home, she was sure she and her son Ishmael would die in the wilderness (Genesis 21). But God heard their cries. He wanted Ishmael to live. Hagar saw the water God provided and gave it to her son, and he lived. Ishmael was the Father of the Arabs. My prayer for the Arab world is that “Ishmael” will live.

Arab immigrants and refugees have escaped from their homes and flooded into Europe since 2015. God has given me a burden for these people who are now in a place very different from their homeland. I desire to see their lives transformed by the gospel. I desire to see them live.

In October 2018, an Arabic church was planted in Madrid, Spain. My work in planting this church is in cooperation with Pastor Daniel Johnson from the Assemblies of God and Duane Miller, an Anglican Priest. Together our mission is to reach Muslims and Arabs in Madrid for Christ. The Lord surprises us almost every week.

Our weekly meetings are on Tuesday evenings. It is not unusual to have several nationalities including Moroccans, Syrians, and Egyptians. One day a Moroccan Muslim contacted me and wanted to know how to become a Christian. He had been on a three-year spiritual journey.

He began using the internet to study Islamic beliefs more deeply. Through his study, he discovered that true Islam is different from what his family and the Imams had been teaching him all his life. Then, he started searching to learn about Christ. When he came to us, he already believed in Jesus as Lord, but he was wondering what he needed to do to become a Christian. We had the privilege of explaining the good news to him and of leading him in the sinner’s prayer. He is now planning to be baptized, and we are making plans for him to go through discipleship classes.

We plan to expand to other areas of Madrid. We also have plans to establish a training center under the Impact Europe – L10E Network (L10E is a discipleship and church planting initiative based on the principles and teachings in Luke 10:10:20). This center will prepare leaders to plant Arab Christian fellowships throughout the region of Madrid.

We have the message about the Living Water. As we point these Arab friends to the Living Water, may “Ishmael” drink and live.

Raouf Soliman is an International Missionary from Egypt who has been called of God to serve among Arab immigrants in Europe. He and his family currently live in Madrid, Spain







God’s Mysterious Ways

“God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform” (William Cowper). There are more than 68.5 million forcibly displaced people in the world today (UNHCR/2018). It seems God may be using this great movement of people
to bring revival to Europe. Many of the people entering Europe as refugees are not irreligious but deeply religious people. They seem shocked to find out that many Europeans don’t believe in God, but God is showing up in their dreams and pointing them to Jesus.

Many of these refugees are turning to God in their trial. They are fertile ground for the gospel. In turn, their fervency of faith is now beginning to take hold of some of the hardest soil in Europe.

Even before the incarnation of Jesus, God used displaced people to accomplish His purpose. The writer of Hebrews makes his case for faith using a list of displaced persons from the Old Testament story. In the New Testament, the expansion of the church happened through people displaced through persecution.

The Free Methodist Church in Europe has created a strategic partnership with our
work in the Middle East to leverage the opportunity of displaced people. Leaders are deployed and active in sharing the gospel with the thousands of refugees pouring into Europe.

The biggest obstacle the church faces in reaching these people is not the influence
of Islam, but the fear of receiving a people who are culturally unlike them. This is true in Europe, much like it is in the United States.

As believers in a God who moves in mysterious ways, we need to review the
historical account in the Old and New Testaments and decide to follow this
mysterious God. He calls for us to embrace the poor, the widow, the orphan and the
foreigner. It is not only His command, but it also seems like it might be His strategic priority to bring revival to those who have lost their first love.


By Gerry Coates

Together on Mission

Who else but God can bring people together from Hungary, Ireland, Britain, Spain, Brazil, and Australia and unite them to serve people in Romania? That is precisely what happened in August of 2018 when the Free Methodist Church (FMC) in Győr, Hungary sent a mission team to Arad, Romania. I am an international missionary to Hungary, originally from Ireland. I led the group whose members came from
the countries of Britain, Brazil, and Hungary

The church in Győr is growing. The membership is now composed of several
nationalities including Hungarians, Americans, Brazilians, English, Korean, and South Africans. Our trip to Romania last August was an important step as the FMC in Hungary and Europe begins to become more missional and outward focused.

Our team of five from the FMC in Hungary partnered with Vis de Copil (A Child’s Dream), a charity that works with street children, youth and needy families in Arad. An Australian man, Philip More, directs this Christian charity which is based out of the United Kingdom. We assisted the ministry with cooking, cleaning, games, crafts, music and health clinics.
Part of our time was spent in a squatter’s area on the edge of Arad. This experience was eye-opening for some team members. The poverty was nearly indescribable: no clean water, sick children everywhere, streets and homes surrounded by filth and debris, and children with filthy clothes and no shoes.

One of the services Vis de Copil provides is a place to wash clothes and have a hot shower. When our mission team from Győr arrived, the washing machine was barely running. During a mentoring phone call, I shared this need with a Free Methodist pastor in Spain. With love and generosity, the Győr church along with the FMC in Murcia, Spain provided a new washing machine for the ministry in Arad.

Becoming missional reminds us there is hope. Hope in Christ. Hope brought by
groups like Vis de Copil. Hope brought by the Free Methodist Church. Hope as we
partner together across international and denominational lines to reach the needy and overlooked members of society. Join us in prayer for more connections to
spread the gospel in countries like Romania.

Pray for the Free Methodist Church in Hungary and Europe as we seek to become
a church that obeys the great commission to make disciples of all nations.

By Gerry Mcnamara

World Missions Prayer Calendar: March

01 FRIDAY| Spain

The culture in Spain is full of atheists, agnostics and secularists who do not recognize their need for anyone or anything outside of themselves – especially God. Pray for the Free Methodist Church as they minister to hurting people in this cultural context.

02 SATURDAY |Creative Access-C

Pray that education can continue to be used as a platform for spiritual transformation despite increasing discrimination and persecution.

Birthday: Kat

03 SUNDAY | Egypt

The levels of terrorism and persecution of Christians is increasing in Egypt. Pray for believers to be steadfast and bold in their faith.

04 MONDAY | Burundi

Hope Africa University, a Free Methodist liberal arts institution, prepares Christian scholars and professionals to effectively apply economic, political and social principles in African society. Pray for the administration, faculty and students.

05 TUESDAY | Costa Rica

Pray for Glenn Lorenz as he continues to assist in implementing pastoral formation training across Latin America.

Birthday: Glenn Lorenz

06 WEDNESDAY | Philippines

Pray for major urban church-planting initiatives in Manila, Baguio, Cebu, and Davao.

07 THURSDAY | Hungary

Praise the Lord for the work in Győr, Hungary. Pray for their growing ministry to women through a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group and a women’s morning coffee group. Pray for the evangelism and discipleship taking place through these ministries.

08 FRIDAY |Latin America

Latin America Area Director Dr. Delia Nüesch-Olver will hand off responsibility as Area Director at the end of March to make room for next-generation leaders. Pray that God will bless the many seeds that have been planted in His name

Birthdays: Roger Yarland (Kenya), Delia Nüesch-Olver

09 SATURDAY | Bulgaria

Pray for missionaries Chance and Dee Dee Galloway and their continued work with church planting, leadership, compassion ministries, and micro-enterprise projects.

10 SUNDAY|Asia

Pray for ongoing health, strength, and wisdom for Asia Area Director Eric as he balances the heavy demands of travel, ministry, and oversight of the Asia area.

Birthday: Eric (Asia), Chance Galloway (Bulgaria), Sarah Anderson (Hungary)

11 MONDAY | Creative Access-C

Pray for continued wisdom and peace for workers in this region amidst increasing restrictions and uncertainties.

Birthday: Wendi


Pray for David Brewer as he works with SEED and does coaching, teaching, and consulting across the denomination. Pray he will be led by wisdom from the Holy Spirit rather than human wisdom.

Birthday: David Brewer

13 WEDNESDAY | Middle East

Pray for 35 church planters in one country as they continue to share the gospel and establish churches among the millions of refugees in their country.

14 THURSDAY | Guinea Bissau

Pastor Rito leads the work which includes four fellowships. Pray for these four churches and their ministry to children and families in their immediate communities.

15 FRIDAY| Uruguay

Pray for Mike and Andrea Green as they return to the U.S. for partnership building and the birth of their second child. Pray for a smooth transition, especially for their young son Gabe.

Birthday: Mike Green

16 SATURDAY | Myanmar

Light and Life Bible College in Yangoon trains leaders for the church. Pray for the faculty, students, and the resources needed for their facility.

17 SUNDAY | Ukraine

Pray for the cessation of hostilities in eastern Ukraine and protection for the ministry team.

18 MONDAY| Argentina-Uruguay

Praise the Lord for a 12% growth in the membership of the Argentina-Uruguay Mission District this past year. Pray for the 12 new ministerial candidates who were received and for the leaders who will train and mentor them.

19 TUESDAY | Middle East

Pray for a creative access country that has expelled many western individuals. Pray that our leaders can continue to enter the country to train national leaders.

20 WEDNESDAY | D.R. of Congo

The Free Methodist Church continues to minister over a large area that includes 38 different tribes speaking many different languages. Pray for the continued growth of the church as they reach out to new areas and people groups.

21 THURSDAY| Thailand

Pray for the Thai church to see a new season of growth as they seek to plant new churches and identify and train new leaders.

22 FRIDAY | Set Free

Pray for Freedom Forums being hosted by Set Free groups in Decatur, IL (March 23) and Portland, OR (March 30). The goal is to help equip community members to intervene in human trafficking.

23 SATURDAY | Ecuador

Most of the churches in Ecuador started through outreach to children in partnership with International Child Care Ministries. Pray for the continued work of these ministries to children and families.

24 SUNDAY | Middle East

Pray for leaders in this region to be equipped and trained to serve young women who have been severely traumatized as a result of being victims of sex trafficking.

25 MONDAY | Mali

Mali currently has one fellowship in a predominantly Muslim area. Pray for people to be spiritually awakened, to gain more knowledge of Christ and to give their lives to Him.

26 TUESDAY | Japan

Pray for Free Methodist believers to reach out to their neighbors and friends with Christ’s love and for a movement of the Holy Spirit in this culture.

27 WEDNESDAY | Spain

Praise the Lord for newly appointed VISA missionaries to Spain, Camilo and Magaly Mora. They will be part of the training center to help implement a Community Church Planting strategy throughout Europe. Pray for God’s wisdom and provision as they do partnership building and transition from their current ministry to Madrid, Spain

28 THURSDAY | Nicaragua

Despite violence and economic difficulties in the country of Nicaragua, the FM school in Managua remained open and graduated students in 2018 – a testimony of education and redemption. Pray that these students will be salt and light in their country.

29 FRIDAY |Israel

Pray for a growing number of house fellowships in Israel and for their neighbors of Jewish background to show interest in the good news of Jesus.

30 SATURDAY | Creative Access-V

Pray for Don and Kathy as they continue to learn a new culture and develop meaningful relationships. Ask the Lord to give them wisdom and discernment as they seek to find open doors to the gospel.

Birthday: Kathy

31 SUNDAY |Rwanda

The medical ministry remains strong at Kibogora Hospital which is a primary referral center in southwestern Rwanda. Health care is also provided in neighboring health centers. Pray for the provision of staff and resources that are needed to continue this important ministry providing physical and spiritual healing.