Marie Osborne

Long Couple

Marie Osborne

Since 2003, Marie (Rie) has served as an Extended-Term missionary in Creative Access Country-C in Asia. Rie will be redeployed in 2019 to serve in the Philippines. Rie’s primary ministry will be teaching English at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS). As a teacher in the school, she will teach classes, tutor students, and work to improve the overall English instruction program at APNTS. Additionally, she will participate in campus devotional activities, meet regularly with other Free Methodist faculty and students, and help mentor these young people preparing for ministry.

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Pray for:

• God’s provision as Rie raises additional funding.
• Rie as she moves to Manila
• Rie as she develops new relationships and adjusts to a new culture



July 28

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