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Matt and Christine Sauder - Philippines

Matt and Christine Sauder serve in Quezon City, Manila, where they are both engaging in intense language study. While studying they are also preparing for their new ministry, which will be a ministry of hospitality that will reach out to university students, both Filipino and international. Their goal is to reach a few so that they can, in turn, reach many.

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Pray for:

* the Holy Spirit to constantly uplift the family and lead them in their journey

* opportunities to minister to all those around them

* language study as it is very time consuming and difficult

* their prayer walks and opening of doors as they prepare to begin their hospitality ministry

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Matt - July 22
Christine - December 17
Chloe - October 23
Libby - May 26


August 11

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The Sauder Family


The Sauder Family: Serving in the Philippines

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