May 22- 28

May 22, Mon. – South Africa
Pray for Simon Pius Chanza who was re-elected as the South African Bishop on Jan. 7. He served as interim Bishop from 2013-2016.

May 23, Tues. – Taiwan
Pray for resources to start a place where Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan can relax on days off and learn skills.

May 24, Wed. – Brazil, Dan & Hope Owsley
On this Aldersgate Day, Pray for Hope to find a publisher for the John Wesley devotional book in Portuguese.

May 25, Thurs. – Global, David & Rose Brewer, SEED Livelihood
Praise the Lord that SEED partnered with 18 small business ministries – plus 17 groups in formation – last year.
Birthday: Rose

May 26, Fri. – Visa Ministries
Pray for safety for VISA teams helping with construction in Managua, Nicaragua.

May 27, Sat. – Set Free Movement, Kevin Austin
Pray for the upcoming Freedom Sunday (Sept. 24) observances that the worship and action will be transformative.
Birthday: Kevin

May 28, Sun. – Nepal
Pray for Free Methodist Ministry in Nepal as churches come alongside in the affiliation process.