May 29 – June 04

May 29, Mon. – Bulgaria, Chad & Hollie Wells
Pray for the Wells family’s continued adjustment to culture and ministry in Bulgaria.

May 30, Tues. – FMWM Global
Pray for God to work in the lives of missionary kids. Some are at college or boarding school; some attend bilingual or online school.

May 31, Wed. – Asia
Pray for pastors being trained in Bible colleges and seminaries throughout South Asia. Pray their training prepares them for future ministry.

June 01, Thurs. – Haiti
Praise for the leadership, finances and staff of Dessalines Hospital.

June 02, Fri. – Greece
Pray for refugees and others at the drop-in-center to embrace faith and develop spiritually.

June 03, Sat. – Philippines, Roger Stone
Pray for Ayla Mag-Indi Pastors Review Committee members as they review the New Testament before it is published sometime in 2018. Pray for unity despite different theological backgrounds.

June 04, Sun. – Costa Rica, Glenn & Wendy Lorenz
Pray for the family to learn Spanish quickly, and pray for money to be raised for the right vehicle at the right time.