May 9-15, 2016

May 9, Mon. – Ukraine
Praise God for the ongoing work in Ukraine. Pray for spiritual receptiveness to beginning new churches in additional communities.

May 10, Tues. – Chile, Kay Stotts Godoy
Pray for the salvation of 5-year-old Carlos and his mother, Ruth. Pray as Kay’s family shares the love of Jesus with this family.
Birthday: Kay

May 11, Wed. – Africa, Art & Sylvia Brown
Join the Browns in prayer for missionaries as they encourage church-planting efforts and mentor new church leaders.
Birthday: Sylvia

May 12, Thurs. – Creative Access, Ken & Linda
Pray for God’s presence to surround leaders working with those of other faiths. Pray for blinded eyes and deafened ears to be opened to the truth.

May 13, Fri. – Philippines, Roger Stone
Youth in the Philippines are learning much of the Bible through the quizzing program. Pray God’s Word will impact them throughout their lives.
Birthday: Roger

May 14, Sat. – Europe
Pray for renewal, inspiration, unity, vision and fellowship as the Europe missionary team is scheduled to meet for a retreat today through next week.

May 15, Sun. – Guinea Bissau
Pastor Rito in Guinea Bissau leads a church plant begun through outreach to children. Four other church plants were started in a similar manner. Pray for the growth and development of this ministry, including effective discipleship.