Never to Go Back

Christmas in JordanChristmas is being celebrated among refugees in Jordan. Refugees are looking to the God of hope, peace and love. The season is an opportunity for many to find the peace that only Jesus can give.

The following story is from David* in Amman, Jordan. Thank you for your support; it is people like David* that benefit from your generosity of prayer and financial support. David* is an active participant and servant of Free Methodist ministry in Jordan.

My name is David*. I am an Iraqi from Mosul, but for now I live in Jordan. On August 6, 2014, ISIS overtook our house in Mosul. My father, mother and I were inside. They asked us to become Muslim and join them or pay them the tribute of $300 for each one of us. I refused to convert or pay the tribute, so they took me with them to some place I did not know. They bound my legs, then hung me upside down from the ceiling by one leg. They tortured me by electric shock, beat me with sticks stuck with nails, and bound me with barbed wire. They put salt on my wounds. I was shouting from the intense pain from the torture.

They kept torturing me like that until they finally took me to the court for judgment. At the court, the judge told me, “This is your last chance to change your mind. In order to save your life, you must become Muslim.” I refused and said, “If I die, I will die proud because I am a Christian.” The judge responded, “You will be shot and executed on September 26.”

On September 26, 2014, they took me to Wadi Hajar (in the city of Nineveh). Before they started the execution, the man in charge said, “Wait. I will call the Khalifa (Commander).” He walked to a corner to make the call. After the call he told the men, “We have order to leave him here alone.”

Then they threw me from the car, kicking and punching me. I tried to walk, but after a while my bleeding wounds caused me to fall down and pass out. When I woke up I found myself in a white room where my body was being treated. Then a nun entered the room and told me, “Don’t be afraid. You are safe now in a hospital in Kirkuk.” In Iraq, they could not treat my leg and told me it needed to be amputated. But then I went to Spain and my leg was treated in the Spanish hospital through a Rusul Al-Salam (Peace Messengers) organization in Jordan.

Now I am living in Jordan, and they have told that I have to stay in Jordan. I can never go back to Iraq.

*Name has been changed, and no picture of David for security reasons.