Mexican Provisional General Conference Formed

Newly elected bishop Rev. Rosario Castro, his wife and the three FMC-USA bishops

Newly elected bishop Rev. Rosario Castro, his wife and the three FMC-USA bishops

I am pleased to report the formation of a new Provisional General Conference in Mexico on September 23-25, 2016. I was privileged to chair the General Conference and Bishops Thomas and Kendall and area director Delia Nüesch-Olver also attended and participated. The adult membership of this new conference is 3,298, and they have well over the required 20 elders in their four conferences. The new suffragan bishop is named Rev. Rosario Castro.

The Mexican FMC has existed since the early 1930s.

Please welcome this new conference and include them in your prayers.

David T. Roller, Bishop

by Bishop David Roller

For approximately 95 years, Free Methodists have been worshipping in Mexico, planting churches, spreading across the continent. Tony Gomez, a converted migrant worker planted some of the first churches in the eastern states of Mexico. Other Free Methodists from California ventured into Mexico’s western states. Even after the Cristero rebellion in 1927 forced out all the foreign church workers, the church in Mexico continued to spread, albeit slowly at times.

The opportunities presented in Mexico are tremendous. The population of 123 million is tender toward things of the Spirit. Loyal to the Mexican expressions of the Roman Catholic Church but hungering for a personal experience with God, Mexicans are uniquely positioned to respond to the good news of Jesus when presented by fellow Mexicans. With quick wits and probing minds, Mexican Christians appreciate the Free Methodist commitment to thoughtful engagement with the Scriptures.

During the summer of 2015 all four of the Mexican conferences voted, overwhelmingly, to join together as the Mexican Provisional General Conference. So in that hotel room in August, we agreed their first Provisional General Conference will be September 23 to 25, 2016, at Rancho Betania, Sonora.

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