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Click here to view 15 videos (each 1.5 to 3 minutes in length) focusing on these Free Methodist World Missions ministry priorities:
Church Planting / Evangelism
Leadership Development
Compassion / Justice
Bible Study by Shane Bengry
Bible Study by Collene Carney
Bible Study by Joanna DeWolf
Bible Study by Trevor Owen

Mission stories written by missionaries or national leaders (formatted as reproducible bulletin inserts).

"A Long Way Home" by Larry and Katie Winckles
"Baskets of Love" by Gerry McNamara
"Before and After" by Pastor Dale
"Crazy, Strange Hunger" by Dennis and Kyle Leon
"Everyone Served?" by Darrin Land
"Fresh Water to a Dry Soul" by Pastor Dale
"Friendship with Eternal Consequences" by Hope Owsley
"From Despair to Hope" by Thom and Sherry Cahill
"Lessons at Holy Light" by David Clemente
"No Advertising Needed" by Paul Olver
"No Matter the Highs or the Lows" by Taylor Shockey
"No Other Gods Before Me" by Eric Spangler
"Prisoners or Free" by Pastor Dale
"Someday When You Are a Man" by Phyllis Sortor
"The Crumpled Napkin" by Chris Wilkins
"The Voice of God Calling" by Art Brown
"Three Stories" by Keith, Creative Access Worker

Four reproducible pages with fun activities for middle and upper elementary children by Carrie Gerrild

Children's Activity Page 1
Children's Activity Page 2
Children's Activity Page 3
Children's Activity Page 4