Monthly Community Ladies Coffee

Written by Christiana Long, L+L Staff Writer

Kati McNamara along with Yoli, a Hungarian native, help run a monthly ladies coffee morning program in Györ, Hungary. The group has met off and on for several years, but for the last couple years, there has been a regular attendance each month.

So much so, that over the summer, a time when they don’t normally meet, the ladies themselves initiated and organized to get together for their morning coffee in July!

The program is a time for ladies to get together, chat and spend time together. Usually, the morning begins with coffee and light chatting, before moving into a time of sharing. Yoli, Kati or a guest will begin the sharing time with a Christian-based topic for discussion. A couple topics explored during this time have been living with disability or about Christian marriage.

After the discussion, they allow for a time of general conversation – catching up with each other’s lives. This allows for a very relaxed and flexible atmosphere, and a place for the women to feel comfortable. The program helps for FM leaders to connect with women who may not go to church.

“‘I’ is an older blind lady,” Kati said. “She has been somewhat closed off from the world for years. She was at first highly resistant to the Gospel. However, because of developing relationships with believers she has accepted an MP3 player with the bible [on it] and is now a regular attendee of the group.”

‘I’ isn’t the only lady who’s come and become part of the group.

Kati shared, “‘H’ is a lady who was on crutches for many years. She had little hope of ever walking without crutches yet asked for player. God answered and her doctors were amazed at the success her operation had. God healed her beyond the hopes of all involved.”

Over the years, this monthly ladies coffee morning has grown and it isn’t only a place of fellowship for the women. They also put together packages for children in need. The ladies will get together, with gifts they bring and wrap them up! They plan to do this come November.

Pray for the relationships to continue to build with these women as they faithfully come together each month.