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b_800_0_0_00_images_gallery_Colombia_findesinby Libni Gasca

A new period has begun at the home for girls in Bogota. After much work and financial investment to obtain governmental permission in compliance with Colombian law, we were finally able to begin again.

This year we have received eight girls and we still have room for eight more. Each of those already has a life story that is marked by pain and injustice.  They are children of selfish parents who put their own desires, passions, thoughts and sins first and had no interest in these girls lives nor the suffering they caused them.

One of the most recent painful stories we’ve heard from one of the girls is about how she had to watch her mother practice her profession of prostitution right in front of her.  You can imagine how devastating this is for a little girl, less than ten years old. Such experiences leave an ugly mark on them and being so entrenched in these negative values can destroy their future. I wish that this story was an exception; but no. On the contrary we continually hear stories of how mothers sell their own daughters to get money for drugs or give to them to the men with whom they cohabitate.

This is why the church of Christ exists and this is why we do social work; because today, more than ever, the world needs to know that God loves them, not through a speech at church but rather through concrete actions that demonstrate the love and justice of God in a world dominated by the wickedness of some and the indifference of others.

Pastor Libni Gasca is the Colombian Mission District Director and the pastor of the first Free Methodist Church in Colombia, located in the capital city of Bogotá. His church began the Findesin (which translates to the End of Without) Foundation in in 2007 to rescue young girls from tragically desperate situations and give them a chance for a better life and education. 

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