November 14-20, 2016

Nov. 14, Mon. – Latin America, Glenn & Wendy Lorenz
Join in prayer for Glenn and Wendy’s future ministry to work alongside others to create and facilitate the pastoral formation process for Latin America. They are currently involved in partnership building.

Nov. 15, Tues. – Europe
Pray for God’s presence over those gathering this week for the Europe Leadership Team meetings with Bishop David Roller. Pray God’s vision for His people in Europe would be impressed on the leaders as they seek His guidance.

Nov. 16, Wed. – Ecuador
Lift Pastora Eunice Alvarez in prayer as she leads the church in Quito and serves as the district leader. Pray for growth in the seven FM churches in Ecuador. Pray pastors and lay leaders are encouraged at this week’s district meeting.
Birthday: Jon Fajardo, Missions staff

Nov. 17, Thurs. – Portugal, Eduardo & Cindi Angelo
Pray for more partners to join in support of the Angelos and of Portugal’s FM ministries. FM churches in the country are facing difficult times because of Europe’s economic crisis.

Nov. 18, Fri. – Honduras
Pray that appropriate structures will be put in place to facilitate church growth as Honduras moves toward becoming a mission district.

Nov. 19, Sat. – Creative Access, Pastor Dale
Jordan continues to witness amazing growth, development and life change among people who are residents and among the refugee population. Pray for refugee ministry and evangelistic outreach.

Nov. 20, Sun. – Asia, Eric & Virginia Spangler
Praise God the FMC in central India came alongside an NGO to provide rice and oil to Hindu farmers who had suffered crop failure. Pray that as the physical needs were met, the gospel message shared will continue to impact the farmers’ lives.