November 21-27, 2016

Nov. 21, Mon. – Latin America, Dennis & Kyle Leon
Pray for the ongoing ministries Dennis and Kyle have among teens and their families. Pray the small-group discipleship helps establish positive life change and more groups.
Birthday: Kyle; Virginia Spangler, Asia

Nov. 22, Tues. – Colombia
Join in prayer for God’s continued multiplication of leaders and churches throughout Colombia. Ask for strength and health to surround Pastor Libni Gasca as he pastors the church in Bogotá and leads the mission district.

Nov. 23, Wed. – Tanzania
Pray the Tanzania FMC continues to successfully add new fellowships through the Village Church Planting program. Rev. Conrad leads more than a dozen pastors who are each planting one or more churches.
Birthday: Kathi Walker, Missions staff

Nov. 24, Thurs. – Global, New Missionaries
Pray God’s timing would be evident to the several couples and one family raising funds for field ministry to serve cross-culturally.

Nov. 25, Fri. – Uganda
Revs. Manasseh and Rose Masiza are Kenyan missionaries serving in Uganda. Pray for God’s anointing as they oversee several fellowships and run a modular Bible school for pastors.

Nov. 26, Sat. – Bulgaria, Al & Diane Mellinger
Pray for the micro-enterprise groups as they attempt to add more groups. Pray for helpful marketing strategies to be in place as the products are made and sold.

Nov. 27, Sun. – Puerto Rico
Pray for safety for those from the Barrio Obrero FMC who minister in the housing projects. Pray light comes out of dark places.