November 7-13, 2016

Nov. 7, Mon. – Global, David & Rose Brewer
This fall and Christmas season are busy times for SEED: missions events, Christmas shopping opportunities and overseas travel. Join the Brewers in prayer that the church increases its understanding of the role of economic justice in living out the gospel. Pray for all those involved in SEED ministries.

Nov. 8, Tues. – Mexico, Guy & Betsy Crawford
Praise God for the successful summer Vacation Bible School at Light and Life Mission (Nogales, Sonora). The leaders who helped during VBS took an active role in serving and teaching the children. Pray for ongoing impact with neighborhood families.
Birthday: Betsy

Nov. 9, Wed. – Philippines, Roger Stone
Pray many more lives will be reached through newly available Bible translations for language groups in the Philippines.

Nov. 10, Thurs. – Dominican Republic
Pray for ongoing fruitful and effective ministry that will encourage those who are believers in name only to follow God faithfully.

Nov. 11, Fri. – Creative Access, Marie
Pray for Marie’s positive impact on her students. Pray for God’s peace to surround Marie.

Nov. 12, Sat. – Hungary, Larry & Katie Winckles
Join in prayer for growth in wisdom and discernment for new leaders Péter and Ildikó in Budapest and Zsuzsa in Győr.

Nov. 13, Sun. – International Child Care Ministries
Pray for the Learning Conference for ICCM African National Coordinators scheduled for this week. Pray as ICCM Director Linda Adams gives leadership for this event so many more children and their families can be positively impacted.
Birthday: Michelle Hack, ICCM staff