October 3-9, 2016

Oct. 3, Mon. – Hungary, Gerry & Kati McNamara
Pray lives continue to be changed as a result of the youth Bible study in Győr. Gerry and two young people began this study last month.

Oct. 4, Tues. – VISA Ministries (Volunteers In Service Abroad)
Pray for Alexa Beiver (Timberview Christian Fellowship, Mead, WA) as she begins a month-long assignment in Kenya. Alexa will be assisting with children’s ministries in two FM schools.

Oct. 5, Wed. – Taiwan, Susan Yu
Pray for the Kaohsiung Indonesian Ministry team as they serve the 20,000 Indonesian migrant workers in their city, 80 percent of whom are caregivers to the handicapped and elderly.

Oct. 6, Thurs. – Chile, Kay Stotts Godoy
Pray God would heal Kay and Leo’s son Benjamin, age 6, of asthma. Any common cold virus attacks his esophagus and lungs. Pollution and contamination in Santiago’s air complicate matters.

Oct. 7, Fri. – Creative Access, Keith & Julie
Keith has finished his three-year teacher’s class and is now wanting to begin second-generation classes. Pray for an open door.

Oct. 8, Sat. – International Child Care Ministries (ICCM)
ICCM national coordinators work tirelessly for the benefit of the 20,000 impacted children. Pray for the Lord to encourage, strengthen and guide them in their work.
Birthday: Jen Finley, ICCM staff

Oct. 9, Sun. – Democratic Republic of Congo
Pray for renewal throughout the FMC in the Democratic Republic of Congo, led by its new bishop, Bishop Lubunga. Pray for further developments at Nundu Deaconess Hospital.