October 31-November 6, 2016

Oct. 31, Mon. – Volunteers In Service Abroad Ministries (VISA)
Praise God for the VISA team that made a difference this summer in the lives of Nigerian children by building a footbridge that links their fishing village to an ICCM school.

Nov. 1, Tues. – Haiti, Russ & Sherrie Cole
Pray for Bishop Eliodor Desvariste as he leads the Haiti General Conference of more than 26,000 members. Pray the FMC is a light in Haiti.
Birthday: Sherrie

Nov. 2, Wed. – Hungary
Pray people in need will participate in and benefit from the new programs being initiated through the Life Skills Program. Pray individuals begin to seek Jesus as a result of their participation.

Nov. 3, Thurs. – Shoreline Mission District
Beach communities throughout Central America attract people from the cities of the region and from countries all over the world. Pray for Dr. Delia Nüesch-Olver and Dr. Paul Olver’s visit this week to guide and coach a new, dynamic group of churches located in these communities.

Nov. 4, Fri. – Asia, Seth & Hlawn Hlawn Van Tifflin
Pray for positive and effective partnership building for the time the Van Tifflins remain in the U.S. Also pray for a safe and healthy arrival of their new baby, due the end of the month.
Birthday: Hlawn Hlawn

Nov. 5, Sat. – Japan, Chris & Yuko Wilkins
Pray as Chris and Yuko work with Japan FMC leaders in church-planting initiatives. The goal is to double church membership in 10 years.
Birthday: Yuko

Nov. 6, Sun. – Bulgaria, Chad and Hollie Wells
Pray for the Wells family who are scheduled to arrive for their assignment in Bulgaria on November 8.