Operation H2H

by Bishop David Roller
H2H group cropped lr
It felt like some kind of secret-ops meeting. We drove through an unmarked entrance, down a wooded lane to a house deep in the woods. About 60 people in one room, 60 people gathered around a core mission… to save the world. Nothing more, nothing less. From Oregon to Georgia we heard the challenges before us but we also heard of the global network of operatives we have embedded in cultures and places as diverse as…well, “I can’t tell you or we’d have to shoot you,” as they say in the movies.

This was the first ever meeting of the Conference Missions liaisons. Missions liaisons are the links between field operatives and churches in the USA and were mandated by the 2015 General Conference. We have recognized the tremendous Free Methodist assets that are working around the world and the tremendous interest there is in the USA to be a part of changing the world but that we’ve been missing synapses between those two. So new positions were created in conferences across the USA.

These newly named Conference Missions Liaisons met with the three bishops and the 6 Area Directors to better understand, to better strategize and to better connect churches with the global challenges. The meeting was called Heart-to-Heart (H2H). The stories of changed lives were amazing. The plans, going forward, were exhilarating.

Does danger lie ahead? Yes, this is not a world friendly to the message of Jesus. But is there reason to think we’ll be successful? Yes, this is a world parched for the message of Jesus.

This message will self-destruct in 60 seconds. Or not. One of those two.