Country Statistics

    General Conference

  • Population: 107,377,267
  • Evangelical Christians: 13.93%
  • FM Work Opened: 1949
  • FM Churches: 323
  • FMC Membership: 30,226
  • Bishop: Alan Bacus
  • Ecclesiastical Accountability: Free Methodist World Conference in partnership with FMWM through the Asia Area Director and Regional Assistant Gerald Coates
Philippines on the globe (Southeast Asia centered)

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Pray for:

  • ICCM ministries to street children in Davao, Butuan City and Manila as well as the tribal children in La Paz and Sibagat, Agusan del Sur
  • major urban church-planting initiatives in Manila, Baguio, Cebu and Davao
  • the FREE LIFE Community movement and the primary leaders as they seek to reach university campuses all over the Philippines
  • missionaries sent out by the Philippine FMC to Hong Kong, Cambodia, Pakistan, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and tribes in the Philippines
  • the far-reaching impact of Light and Life Colleges of the Philippines Foundation
  • wisdom and discernment for Bishop Alan Bacus as he leads the church
  • The Philippines

    Reproducible Bulletin Insert

    Funding the Philippines Church Planting & Development (CPD) account will help resource the following people and strategic initiatives:
  • Training, equipping and supporting a small army of church planters who continue the expansion of God’s kingdom in the Philippines.
  • Training new pastors and church planters, as well as training to strengthen ministries of those who pastor existing churches.
  • Fast Trackers

    Adjunct Professor - Philippines
    Minimum of one semester. Must have master’s degree or higher. This would involve teaching a class of approximately fifteen students who are studying to become pastors at Light & Life Bible College in Butuan City.


    Various work teams are needed in Butuan City to put up pillars in preparation for putting a roof over a cement slab. There is currently a conference center, but it is maxed out at 300 people. When the roof is completed, the crowd can keep expanding since there will be no walls to hold the sound of the microphone in.

    About 5 miles outside of Butuan City, they are working on a Community Care Center. Eventually, this center will be a home for women who have been trafficked, a home for orphan boys, a home for orphan girls, and a retirement center for pastors. Currently, the home for orphan boys is the only building completed, but construction is ongoing. Development projects will also be ongoing, such as swine raising. The director of Ahon Ministries, in relationship with ICCM, is also in charge of this ministry.

    Minister in International Child Care Ministries centers. Past teams have accompanied the social workers as they visit homes, assisted Filipino dental teams, helped teach life skills, visited area schools, and worshiped with them on Sunday afternoon with their parents. Watch a video about the Hope Street Children’s Ministry at this link to learn more.