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Hotline – Tuesday, April 21, 2020

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The government in Malawi has declared a lockdown. One FM superintendent shares
how this lockdown is significantly affecting FM church members and pastors. Some
are not able to harvest their gardens. Those who are taxi and minibus drivers have no
work. If they previously sold vegetables, beans or grain at the local market, they are
no longer able to sell. Houses have no electricity, so there is no way to preserve the
food for extended periods. Many are suffering.
Another superintendent in Malawi reports there is no food to buy in the local
markets. If you happen to find maize, it is very costly. His prayer requests are simply:
for people to survive and for God to intervene to provide for basic needs. Please
pray for God to provide and sustain our FM brothers and sisters in Malawi.
Pastor Dosseh Takpale asks us to join in these prayers for Togo:
• Pray for Pastor Dosseh as he connects with church members on WhatsApp
three times each week.
• Pray for Christians to be close to the Lord.
• Pray the virus will not spread in Togo.
• Ask the Lord to provide food for families.
• Pray for protection for those families living in very close proximity to
To read more updates from leaders in Africa,-
click here.


Pray for missionary Tim Kinkead (Taiwan), who will have surgery to remove his
thyroid on April 28. Ask the Lord to guide the surgeons and provide strength and help
for Tim and Lily during the days of recovery.

Benjamin, the young son of our ICCM coordinator in Cambodia, had been
hospitalized for dengue fever. He was recently released to go home. Give thanks to
the Lord!

Asia Area Director Eric shares the quarantine situation across Asia is increasingly
difficult. Leaders indicate the needs are becoming quite urgent. Some see people
starving. Everyone is concerned about the well being of friends and neighbors
around them. Pray the Lord will provide for the physical needs of people throughout
Asia, but more importantly, pray for churches as they reach out, offering compassion
and the gospel message. Pray for open and receptive hearts.


Eric Casteel asks us to join in prayer for the church in Belgium as they navigate the
COVID-19 crisis and engage in creative ways to stay connected. Many have or know
those who have been diagnosed with the virus and are struggling to recover. The
wife of one of our key leaders in Brussels is quite ill and needs prayer for recovery. At
this time, it is unclear if it is related to the virus. Also, pray for our churches in
Oostende. Many members moved to Belgium from the Philippines. They are
concerned about family members in the Philippines because of the virus, the food
restrictions, and the limited access to healthcare. Some members from Oostende
have not been able to return to Belgium because of travel restrictions. Pray for
health and God’s hand of provision in all these scenarios.

Please pray for Ukraine. Currently, they are battling COVID-19, while also battling
fires near the containment site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (location of
1986 meltdown) and armed conflict with Russia on the Eastern border. Our leaders,
Misha and Lena Petrochenko, continue to serve even through these very challenging


Most countries in Latin America are under strict quarantine, and the borders of their
country are closed. For many, their income has come to a screeching halt, and
hunger has become a real issue. Despite limited resources, many churches are
responding to feed the hungry. One FM pastor in Argentina shared how their
congregation is preparing daily lunches for the hungry in their community. There are
now over 200 people lining up every day to receive what may be their only meal for
the day. On one recent day, they had distributed all the food and realized there was
none left to feed the volunteers. They quickly made a few more servings, only to
have more hungry neighbors at their door. In the end, the volunteers went hungry
that day. Give praise to the Lord for how he is using FM churches across Latin
America. Pray He will pour out His blessings upon them and abundantly provide for
their needs as they continue to give sacrificially in their communities.



The Islamic month of Ramadan is a time of the year when Muslims are deeply
concerned about their spiritual destiny. Ramadan begins on April 24. Join with
Christians around the world in 30 days of prayer for the Muslim world.

Click this link to order Muslim World Prayer Guide booklets to inform your prayers.
They are available in print and PDF, for adults or children.



Pray for the ICCM workers serving children and families in practical ways throughout
quarantines in many countries around the world. Pray, the Lord will bless them and
give them continued health and strength.

To learn more about ICCM, click here.



Typically the sewing center in Lomé, Togo hums with activity and has constant traffic.
They are currently closed because of the coronavirus, but they are still making masks
for people. (You must wear a mask to the market to buy food right now.) Pray for this
group as they continue to reach out lovingly to the neighbors in their community..

To learn more about SEED, click here.



Pray for Set Free Ministry team members across the world who are giving leadership
in their communities. Ask the Lord to encourage them and provide them with
wisdom during these days of uncertainty and as they plan for the days after the

Learn more about SET FREE click here.



Due to the current complications of travel and for the health and safety of our volunteers, all VISA
trips have been canceled until at least August 1.

learn more about VISA click here.


Rose Brewer

Thom and Sherry Cahill

Chance and DeeDee Galloway

Ricardo and Beth Gómez
Tim and Lily Kinkead

Al and Diane Mellinger
Camillo and Magaly Mora
Delia Nüesch-Olver & Paul Olver
Marie Osborne
Mike and Vickie Reynen
Don Rogers(ELI)
Thad and Nikki Roller
Rodrigo and Tanya Rosado


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