Roger & Deborah Varland

Varland Family

Kenya - Voyagers

Roger and Deb have been serving at Rift Valley Academy (RVA) in Kijabe, Kenya since August 2016 and plan to continue until 2021. RVA is a boarding school primarily serving missionary families. Students in the class of 2020(which the Varlands sponsor) are from 12 different passport countries, while their parents serve in 11 countries in East and North Africa sharing God’s truth and love. Roger and Deb both teach full time and enjoy many weekends with students.

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Pray for:

  • U.S. family members (adult children and Roger’s mom)
  • Reid's senior year and transition to the U.S. following graduation in July
  • energy to love, serve and mentor students
  • Roger, Deb, Reid, and Sid to grow in their faith journey
  • the country of Kenya to continue to grow as a democracy

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