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Christian Hospitality Network - CHN hosts the Internet’s most comprehensive directory of Christian-owned and operated bed and breakfasts, country inns, wilderness lodges, vacation cottages or cabins, and boutique hotels.

Servant Care - Hospitality Homes - available as evangelical missionaries travel in the U.S.


Funding the Colombia Country Support Account (CSA) will help resource the following people and strategic initiatives:
Communicating with Your Support Base

Support Raising Articles
Prayer and Support Raising: Only God Can Turn Heartsby Steve Shadrach, Director of Mobilization at U.S. Center for World Mission President of The BodyBuilders, Inc.

Keeping Givers Giving by Betty Barnett

3 Toxic Phrases Good Fundraisers Never Use by Scott Morton

ABCs for Long and Fruitful Relationships with Supporters from The BodyBuilders

The More the Merrier by Dustin Weber

Lapsed Donors: How to Write a Fundraising Letter That Wins Them Back by Alan Sharpe

Lapsed Donor Letters by Jeane Vogel, Fund Raising Innovations

Taking Care of Your Donors by Katya Anderson

Funding Your Ministry Dreams: God’s Job or Your Job? by Scott Morton