September 5-11, 2016

Sept. 5, Mon. – Thailand, Don & Kathy Williams
Pray for Don and Kathy as they focus fully on Mission Thailand and education consulting in Asia.

Sept. 6, Tues. – Creative Access
Pray for stamina and protection over 13 workers serving in Asia creative access ministries. Pray God provides wisdom in relationship building that will have a far-reaching impact.
Birthday: Jason, creative access

Sept. 7, Wed. – Liberia
Pray the Lord will grant success in establishing two fellowships in Liberian counties where there is currently no FM work. Ask the Lord to grant national leader Rufus Kahn wisdom in launching a new pastoral training program.

Sept. 8, Thurs. – Philippines
Pray as the Philippines FMC looks for effective ways to reach young people with passion for the Lord.

Sept. 9, Fri. – Middle East/North Africa, Pastor Dale
Pray for refugees’ needs to be met and for them to find the church to be a place of rest, help and hope.

Sept. 10, Sat. – Asia, Becca
Pray for revival to influence lives across Taiwan. Pray for renewed commitment of believers to share their faith with others.

Sept. 11, Sun. – Haiti
Lift Bishop Eliodor Devariste and the team of pastors leading the nearly 100 Haitian FM churches in prayer. Pray the love of Jesus shines through believers in spite of spiritual opposition.