September Heartbeat

Establishing the Africa-Europe Church Network


By Rev. Josué (Josh) Fajardo  ̶  Europe Area Director

Approximately 200,000 migrants from Africa have landed on European shores in the last three years alone. This number adds to the 7 million already living in Europe. The majority of these African immigrants will be granted asylum and seek a path to residency or citizenship.

A few years ago, I met the Rev. Albert Delali at the annual conference for the U.K. and Ireland. Albert is from Ghana but has been living in the London area since 2002. He shared his journey and the testimony of how he arrived in the U.K. He also shared his passion for missions and desire to network with African immigrants in the U.K. and across Europe. Last year, we continued talking about how best to partner. Then the pandemic hit. The need to collaborate and strategize about reaching the African diaspora on the European continent became even more evident. As a result, the FMC-Europe and the FMC-U.K. have formed an alliance to address this strategically. Therefore, the birth of the Africa-Europe Church Network.

Albert shares:

There are a lot of African churches across Europe, especially in Spain, France and Belgium. I want to encourage the FMC-USA to partner with us with resources and finances to help us implement what God has laid on our hearts with regard to these African churches. This network will allow these African communities to worship in the context of their own cultural traditions. It will also foster church growth and church planting, which is the aim of FMC-Europe.

Friends, even with challenging days ahead, we have an opportunity and an obligation to partner strategically. We have begun to actively reach out to our African brothers and sisters looking for community and a church family. We are currently working to create a virtual office with the primary focus of connecting and providing training and resources to African leaders, churches and ministries across the U.K. and Europe.

Join us in prayer and partnership as we take these steps of faith and launch this new ministry.

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Sharing God’s Love  ̶  From Europe to Africa

By Magaly Mora

São Tomé and Príncipe is an island nation in the Gulf of Guinea off the western coast of Central Africa. It is a Portuguese-speaking nation. In 2018, the Free Methodist Church in Portugal sent Moisés and Jacione Souza as missionaries. There are now two Free Methodist churches there.

My husband, Camilo, and I are currently serving in Spain, but in June of this year, we traveled to São Tomé and Príncipe. Upon arriving in the country, we could feel the hot, humid weather welcoming us to the island. We were hosted by the Souza family: Moisés, Jacione, and their two girls, Filipa and Giovanna. The Souzas are doing excellent work. During our stay, they shared their story of God’s calling from Portugal to São Tomé. The call came from the words of Acts 16:9  ̶  “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” It was beautiful to see how they know the community and are helping them in their needs, both spiritual and physical. Moisés walks through the streets greeting the people. He salutes everyone he knows, shows them a thumbs up and says, ”fish,” meaning good.

As the Southern Europe regional director, Camilo shared the Word of God in two different worship services. He also had the opportunity to get to know the leaders and help Moisés with church registration issues. We listened to Moisés explain his vision for the country and plans for future ministries. The Souzas hope to find a place to use as a community center, developing a preschool, childcare facility, adult education program, plus music and computer classes. They also plan to start a seminary to prepare national leaders and pastors. Their passion and excitement were evident. We all prayed together for God’s direction and provisions.

I led a Bible study for 72 children who attend the FMC in Uba Flor. We used puppets and illustrations to teach about Zacchaeus and his encounter with Jesus (Luke 19). Because I am a dentist by profession, after the Bible study, I taught the children about the importance of brushing their teeth and demonstrated how to brush correctly. We gave a toothbrush and toothpaste to each of them. They had so much fun doing this! We also taught a dental hygiene class to 30 children at the Agua Viva FMC, our newest church plant.

What a blessing it was to share God’s love from Europe to Africa!

New Ministry in Albania


By Rev. Josué (Josh) Fajardo  ̶  Europe Area Director

Albania is known for its archaeological heritage, unspoiled beaches, unique traditions and hospitality. Yet, it is one of Europe’s least developed countries.

Few Albanians consider religion to be a dominant factor in their lives. Religious demographics indicate the majority of Albanians are Muslim (62%). Only 31% of the people are Christian – 17% Orthodox, 13% Catholic and only 0.2% evangelical Christian. Seven percent are nonreligious. With a population of 2.8 million, we recognize most Albanians are waiting to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

FMWM-Europe is pleased to announce the start of new work in Albania led by Algent and Erjona Bregu. The Bregus are appointed as community engagement coordinators. Algent works full time as a barber and engages his community through cycling, fishing and camping ministries. He has also participated in the Community Church Planting (CCP) training in Thessaloniki, Greece. Erjona is a certified primary school teacher. They plan to establish a learning center in Korça, where they will minister to children from needy families. This center will offer educational and social programs. Their passion is to help develop healthy children and families who will become mature and effective witnesses for Jesus Christ in their community.

Algent and Erjona share:

 We have a burning desire to be with people, inviting them into relational connections by following and exercising common interests, hobbies and passions – while at the same time strengthening our relationships. By building a spirit of togetherness and sincere friendship, we believe it will be easier to find the right opportunities to share our faith with them. We also believe this new spiritual life with Christ will have an impact on their families as well.

Please join us in prayer and partnership as we launch this new ministry.

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World Missions Prayer Calendar: August

01 Wednesday | Mozambique

Pray for the Nhaloi Hospital, the Inhamachafo Clinic and Primary School, and the Beira Bible Seminary. Ask the Father to use all of them for the advancement of His kingdom.

02 Thursday | Portugal

Join international missionaries Eduardo and Cindi Angelo in giving thanks to God for seven new believers who were baptized in July. One of them was Eduardo’s twin brother. Praise the Lord!

03 Friday | Thailand

Pray that Seth and Hlawn Hlawn Van Tifflin will be able to return to Thailand soon and settle back into the community there. Pray for their continued cultural and language learning.

04 Saturday | Creative Access Country-X

Leaders will gather today for their annual meeting. Pray the Holy Spirit will refresh, encourage, strengthen and empower them. Ask the Father to use the FM church for transformative impact in this nation.

05 Sunday | Middle East

Pray for our leaders in the Middle East as doors continue to open for training leaders in more restricted access countries. Ask the Lord to give them discernment.

06 Monday | Asia

Pray for orphans in Creative Access Country-CA and the orphanage workers who have labored through a very difficult season in caring for the children. Pray the light and hope of Christ will be revealed to these caretakers. Birthday: Jason

07 Tuesday | South Africa

Pray for strength and unity throughout the FM Church in South Africa as they minister to their communities following the global pandemic and recent unrest in the country.

08 Wednesday | Belgium

Pray God will raise new leaders to plant churches in areas throughout the country.

09 Thursday | São Tomé and Príncipe

Pray for God’s wisdom and provision in the development of new ministries.

Birthday: Moisés Souza (International Missionary)

10 Friday | SEED

SEED partner groups in Asia have endured significant loss and hardship due to the increase of COVID cases during the past few months. Pray for health, comfort and strength for these groups.

11 Saturday | Middle East

Use the words of Ephesians 3:16 to pray for brothers and sisters in this region. Pray that out of the glorious riches of Christ, they will be strengthened with power through His Spirit in their inner beings.

12 Sunday | Ivory Coast

This nation is nearly 50% Islamic and still has 35 unreached people groups. Pray for our leader, Maho Olivier, and others as they continue village churchplanting efforts.

13 Monday | Brazil

Beginning in October, Dan and Hope Owsley will be team-teaching a 10-week course at the seminary on the book of Acts. Dan will teach the history/exposition part, and Hope will teach students how to dig deeper using the inductive Bible study method. Pray for the effectiveness of their teaching and the growth of the students. Birthday: Hope Owsley

14 Tuesday | France

Pray the Haitian congregation in Cergy (just outside of Paris) will find new ways to connect with more Haitian and African immigrants in their area.

15 Wednesday | Creative Access Asia-NP

This nation has been hit hard by sickness and the economic impact of the pandemic. There has also been heavy flooding in recent months. Pray for encouragement, strength and perseverance for the believers.

16 Thursday | ICCM

ICCM ministry in Colombia began in 1999. Pray for God’s protection for the children in the community of the FM Church in Bogotá. Many are at risk of being abused or trafficked.

17 Friday | Togo

Praise the Lord for many opportunities to share the gospel with children and teens during the summer months. Pray these young people will continue to grow in their understanding and faith in Jesus Christ.

18 Saturday | North Macedonia

Pray for the expansion of work and the creation of the Macedonian Foundation as leaders work to plant churches and bring hope and transformation in severely impoverished communities.

19 Sunday | Creative Access Asia-VN

This country has implemented a prayer walk strategy. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and open doors of opportunity for sharing the gospel. Pray entire neighborhoods will sense the peace of God.

20 Monday | Argentina

Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for Rodrigo and Tanya Rosado as they form a team to help lead the Latin American vision of transformational churches. Also, pray for their family as they acculturate to life in South America. Birthday: Tanya Rosado

21 Tuesday | Jordan

There are roughly 4.4 million refugees in Jordan, and estimates indicate roughly half are children. Pray for our schools and churches reaching out to provide healing, education and hope for the children.


22 Wednesday | Guinea

Pray for the ministry of the evangelism team in the church of Coyah. Ask the Father to lead them to those open to the good news of Jesus.

23 Thursday | Creative Access Asia-MY

Pray for leaders as they explore partnerships and connections to reestablish work in this country.

24 Friday | Haiti

Haiti has experienced increasing violence and political unrest, including the assassination of its president in July. Pray for God’s peace and provision for ICCM children, their families, and all our church members and ministries. Birthday: Dee Ann Snyder

25 Saturday | Spain

Pray for Debra Gilmore as she facilitates virtual Support Raising Bootcamps in September and October. These boot camps help our missionary team in becoming fully funded and free to minister more effectively.

26 Sunday | Set Free Movement

Pray for the Set Free team in Monterey Bay, California. This group is a featured Freedom Sunday organization. Members assist trafficked women by helping them find healing in a Christ-centered, restoration home. They also educate the Monterey Bay community about human trafficking.

27 Monday | Kenya/FMWM

Ken and Letty Myers are transitioning back to Kenya after an extended time in the U.S. Pray the Lord will lead in unmistakable ways.

Birthday: Ken Myers

Ask the Father to give abundant wisdom to Gerry Coates as he seeks to connect the global FMC and the FMC-USA in partnership for kingdom expansion.

Birthday: Gerry Coates (Director of FMWM)

28 Tuesday | Palestine

Pray for church planters serving 23 house fellowships in this area.

29 Wednesday | Creative Access Asia-LO

Free Methodists are working in several areas of this country. Pray for outreach to those who adhere to the majority religion.

30 Thursday | Russia

Pray for international missionaries Michael and Tanya Mendakoff. They work with others at the crisis center to care for children and teens coming from very abusive and destructive families. Ask the Father to heal hearts and minds, replacing the past with hope for the future.

Birthday: Michael Mendakoff (International Missionary)