September Heartbeat

Hope for Hungary

A land trampled by those seeking freedom.
Forced to understand this as coming through those who need them.

Opportunity knocked one too many times, as lines of faces, forced to smile, begin to fade. There is no shade from the brutal sun that tells you, you must keep your eyes open.

But there is still a Son, Jesus, who’s hoping.
Hoping His servants will listen, as melting snow glistens over concrete paths, the aftermaths of never-ending civilization that have been anything but civil.

“Those who wish to live will give up their lives.”

But God – it’s not just me. I have a family.
“Do you want them to live?”

It’s not something you’ve mentioned before.
“Only if you ignore every time I’ve invited you to follow.”

“I’ve poured Myself out on these hallowed streets, and their feet are just as ready to be as beautiful as any that carry the good news. Come, walk a bit in their shoes. I’m not asking you to do something I’ve not already begun. The hard part has been done, and hearts are already prepared.”

But Jesus, just being honest – we’re scared.
Scared of walking away from what we know best.
Scared that our faith might be put to the test.
Scared that we might not know what to do.

These words convey a small amount of the roller coaster we rode with Jesus this past February, as we walked the streets of Győr, Hungary. We felt that God was calling us to set aside what we “knew,” and join the work He was doing. Lives are already being transformed by Jesus, and we can’t wait for our family to join!

Christianity has been in Eastern Europe, and Hungary specifically, for well over 1,000 years. Unfortunately, the experience of religion has not always reflected the Christ it claims. Many have been told, “trust me” or heard offers of “freedom” by oppressive forces in the past. We pray that our home will help people see how we trust Jesus as a family and live in the freedom His love offers. We are humbled that God would have faith in us, and we’re excited to see what can happen as we offer Him our tomorrow, today!

Chadwick and Sarah Anderson have been serving for the past 12 years at Moundford Free Methodist Church in Decatur, Illinois. They have four daughters: Addison, Sophie, Ruby and Phoebe. They are currently in the process of partnership building with plans to be on the field in the spring of 2019.

Hope for Hungary
By Chadwick Anderson

Pioneering in Athens

Maybe you should consider pioneer missions,” was the last statement
Southern Europe Area Director, Josh Fajardo, made to us during our meeting with him in December 2017. Pioneering was not at all what we had in mind going into the conversation. In fact, we went away thinking of every reason why this was
a terrible idea. Working with a team was a priority for us. We were new parents learning to cope with our then 2-month-old daughter. What would it be like to
live and parent without a support system? However, we both sensed the rightness of this new idea. It took a month before admitting this to one another and
two more months before deciding to be obedient.

The statement of Free Methodist World Missions regarding Pioneer Missionaries is this – “Pioneer missionaries are needed, especially where there is limited evangelical or Wesleyan witness.” Athens is such a place.

Athens, Greece is a city of almost 4 million people. It is a city known throughout the centuries as a place intellectual people look for purpose and meaning. The
Apostle Paul recognized this about Athens and spoke, encouraged, and taught so that people could know the “unknown God.” However, today there is very little
Evangelical or Wesleyan presence here. In recent years, Athens has seen an influx of refugees and the growth of human trafficking. These two situations bring an
increased need for the message of the gospel. Athens is the city of our calling. It is our desire to be used of God to bring holistic healing in this city – that people may come to know God through us and that we can be a visible image of our caring God to a hurting community.

When pioneering there are many unknowns, but we know that Athens is a place where our passions and the heartbeat of God has met and a place we must go. We have no idea at present what ministry there will look like or how God will meet our need for a support network. We do know that the God who calls us goes before us and that others will come alongside
us in the journey.

Rodrigo and Tanya Rosado are both elders in the South Atlantic Conference. They have one daughter, Ellia. They are currently in the process of partnership
building with plans to be on the field in the fall of 2018.

Pioneering in Athens
By Rodrigo & Tanya Rosado

World Missions Prayer Calendar: September

01 SATURDAY| Democratic Republic of Congo

The Free Methodist Church in the DRC ministers over a large area including 38 different tribes and many different language groups. Pray for wisdom and integrity for Bishop Lubunga W’Ehusha as he leads this large general conference.

02 SUNDAY | Spain

Pray for the effective operations of the Logos Learning Center in Rivas. The center helps immigrants and Spaniards through English and Spanish language classes, job placement services, cultural integration assistance, workshops, and individual and
family counseling.


03 MONDAY | Thailand/Myanmar

Pray for continued language acquisition for Seth and Hlawn Hlawn Van Tifflin and further development of relationships and friendships in Asia.

Birthday:  Seth Van Tifflin

04 TUESDAY | Israel

Pray for home groups meeting in a town outside Nazareth. As is true with other Impact Middle East ministry in Israel, the majority population there is resistant to the gospel. Pray for increased openness to the gospel and increased faith for the
new believers.

05 WEDNESDAY | Honduras

Pray for Saraí, the secretary of the emerging mission district in Honduras. Saraí was trained in Community Church Planting and has started a church among the Garifuna people group. Pray for this new church and Saraí as she continues to lead.

06 THURSDAY | Creative Access – C

Pray for Jason as he teaches and uses education as an avenue to share the transforming power of the gospel. Also, pray for him to have continued spiritual strength, and discernment in knowing creative ways to teach and share.

Birthday: Jason

07 FRIDAY | Ivory Coast

Pray for Pastor Bertin Tae and other leaders in Ivory Coast as they attempt to plant new churches and develop leaders who will share the peace, hope, and love of Jesus Christ in a country that remains broken from past war.

08 SATURDAY | Bulgaria

Plans are being made for the launch of a new English language
class in a church in Sofia this fall. Pray for the class to provide
new opportunities to share the gospel in this city.

09 SUNDAY | Costa Rica

Since 2009, churches were planted in the coastal communities of Esteillos, Alajuela, Belen, and Parrita. The Shore Line Mission district now helps to restore hope to individuals, families, and communities through holistic and sustainable church planting. Please pray for these churches and missionaries, Dennis and
Kyle Leon, as they give leadership.

10 MONDAY| Cambodia

Pray for Pastor Daniel, the new country leader, to have wisdom as he works with leaders to develop a strategic plan for the church in Cambodia.

11 TUESDAY | Jordan

A school for refugee children is having incredible impact on lives. They have the children draw pictures of life before and after ISIS. Praise the Lord for children who are finding new life because of the church and the school.


SEED Director Rose Brewer and SEED’s Director of Network Relations, David Brewer, are finishing their eighth year leading SEED. Pray for them as they continue to partner with livelihood groups to help them provide meaningful jobs for people in their communities.

13 THURSDAY | Brazil

Dan and Hope Owsley are involved in church planting and leadership development in the capital city of Brasilia. Pray for Hope as she leads through involvement in women’s Bible studies, evangelism, and discipleship of new believers.
Birthday: Hope Owsley

14 FRIDAY | Hungary

Pray for the development of a Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) ministry and other open doors of outreach into the community

15 SATURDAY | Ghana

Many villages, particularly in the north, do not have a church. Pray for the establishment of church-planting projects in this area.

16 SUNDAY | Thailand

Pray for Pastor Joshua, the country leader, as he works with several new pastors that have joined the Free Methodist church during the past year. Also, pray for new young leaders to be identified and deployed for service in the Thai church.

17 MONDAY | Middle East

Praise the Lord and pray for house churches being planted in several new unnamed countries where believers are often in danger of persecution.

18 TUESDAY | Greece

The church in Thessaloniki continues to minister to refugees. Pray for volunteers such as drivers, administrators, and craftsmen needed for this ongoing ministry.

19 WEDNESDAY | Dominican Republic

Pray for the work of this general conference, Bishop Cecilio Osoria, 20 elementary and secondary schools, and a lay leadership training institute.

20 THURSDAY | South East Asia

Pray for Darin Land as he implements the, H3O3, Head/Heart/ Hands/Obedience Oriented Ordination model in Southeast Asia. Pray for leaders to understand and receive benefit from this model.

21 FRIDAY| Angola

Pray for lasting peace in this nation and for the Free Methodist churches here to be able to meet the needs of those who are suffering.

22 SATURDAY | Sri Lanka

As many as 35,000 villages have not had any Christian contact. Pray for open doors into these villages and for God to call laborers into the harvest field.

23 SUNDAY | Uruguay

Pray for VISA Voyagers Mike and Andrea Green as they seek to make disciples and start groups in Montevideo using the Community Church Planting model.

Birthday: Andrea Green

24 MONDAY | Haiti

Pray for missionaries and Haitian pastors as they live with the daily stress of trying to help the very needy around them. Also, pray for security, unity, and renewal in Haiti.
Birthday: DeeAnn Snyder

25 TUESDAY | Macedonia

Pray for Roma pastors and missionaries from Bulgaria as they explore ministry possibilities and seek to establish the Free Methodist Church in an area where as many as 50,000 Roma people live.


There are more than 4 billion people in Asia. Most of them adhere to Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, or some form or animism or ancestor worship. Pray for opportunities to share the gospel, for open hearts to receive the gospel, and for
boldness and obedience by those who are called to share even in the face of opposition and persecution.

Birthday: Sherrill Yardy

27 THURSDAY | Kenya

Pray for wisdom and strength for Ken and Letty Myers as they continue to coordinate VISA teams coming to Kenya. Also, pray for continued acquisition of the Swahili language.

Birthday: Ken Myers, Kenya and Gerry Coates, FMWM
Director of Global Church Advocacy

28 FRIDAY | Creative Access – C

Thank the Lord for Cindy and her long-term commitment and love for students in this country. Pray that she will be encouraged and will see the fruit of love and labor.

Birthday: Cindy

29 SATURDAY |Global

Pray for Gerry Coates, Director of Global Church Advocacy, as he seeks to educate, inspire, and motivate the U.S. church to strengthen partnerships with the church around the world.

30 SUNDAY | Set Free

Today is designated as Freedom Sunday. Pray for churches across the U.S. as they worship today, remembering that Jesus came to set all people free physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.