Strategic Developer – Bangkok, Thailand

BangkokAn individual is needed to travel throughout Southeast Asia, based in Bangkok, to help the church in SE Asia strategically develop. This individual(s) would not need a long term visa, as Thailand would allow a Tourist Visa for 60 days at a time. This assignment has potential for longer-term appointment.

The majority of Thailand lies within mainland South East Asia and is approximately 1100 miles from north to south and 500 miles from east to west. Thailand is predominately mountainous with the majority of people living in the central flatter areas. Bangkok is the capitol and largest city. The prevailing religion is Buddhism. Only .5% of the people in Thailand are evangelical Christians. The Free Methodist Church began work in Thailand in 2000 and now has 6 churches.

The Free Methodist churches in Thailand are actively engaged in holistic ministries – reaching out to the lost with the hope of Jesus and endeavoring to meet the needs of the poor as well. A variety of means are used: teaching English as a Second Language, friendship evangelism, planting churches and standing strong in the midst of Buddhist opposition.