by Ildikó Kóber, Hungary “This is the day …” that started a new chapter in my life. “This is the day …” that closed a 22-year-long chapter of my life. “This is the day …” that the Lord has made to rejoice and be glad in it and proclaim His

Report from Ukrainian Mission Team: Zhenya, Misha and Lena written by Lena God has prompted us to pray for our country as there is a war in the east of Ukraine, a lot of grief, despair, broken hearts, as well as a lot of needs both physical and material. But

by Katie Bergman, Director of Operations and Communications with Kevin Austin, Director Set Free Movement A “home” bears different meanings, different emotions for different people. For many of the people the Set Free Movement serves, “home” is a street corner, a shack in the ghetto, a shady motel. Often, it

by David Clemente “I want to talk to you and ask you many questions,” one of the lady pastors speaks to me through an interpreter. The other pastors, mostly men, nod their heads in agreement. “But I do not speak English.” I motion with my hand coming from my heart

by Paul Olver Naya and her husband, José, were faithful members of the first Free Methodist Church in Venezuela. They had a heart to serve God, and they were involved in everything behind the scenes. Like many women, Naya mostly exercised the gift of hospitality. She cooked meals and served

by Bishop David Roller Mexico is a big country. Even situated next to Texas, it’s big! And, as the host country of this hemisphere’s most advanced pre-Colombian civilizations, it has a rich, proud tradition. Memories of the Olmec and Toltec peoples flow in the veins of all Mexicans. Memories run

by Rose Brewer, SEED co-director “I’m a master weaver,” Mr. Patil spoke up, “If you buy us looms, I will teach people how to weave.” India’s FM church leaders and missionaries discovered the only way some members of the Miraj FMC, a church plant in a leprosy colony, were able

Christian 12-Step Recovery Program in Budapest, Hungary Saturday, November 14, 2015, was a very busy day for the representatives of the Christian 12-step Recovery Group of Budapest. Margaret and Júlia, the co-founders, along with their friend Anita, went to share about the ministry that was embraced by Free Methodist leadership