Taking Care of Your Donors

by Katya Anderson, Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog

Are you taking care of your donors? What kind of experience do they have after they give?

Here’s a quick checklist to answer that question. If you can’t check all the items, work on doing better. The single most powerful thing you can do as a fundraiser is to take great care of the donors you have.


* All donors thanked promptly

* All donors thanked throughout the year

Personalization and Accuracy:

* Thank-yous are directed at the donor – not “Dear Friend”

* The gift amount is included and correct

* Thank-yous reference the appeal or campaign that prompted the gift

* Thank-yous are signed by a real person or include a real person’s name

* I properly acknowledge gift designations and dedications


* I express heartfelt thanks for the gift twice in each note

* I also express gratitude for past support (when relevant)

* I give credit to the donor for what will be achieved

* The thank-you is a thank-you, not an appeal! (It doesn’t ask for money again)

Useful Resources:

* Thank-yous include full contact information of my organization

* Thank-yous include appropriate tax language

* I make clear how the gift will be used

Ongoing Communication:

* I tell a good story or use a vivid example in every piece of outreach

* I report to donors on their impact at least twice a year

* I recognize donors after thanking them

* I include the voices of donors in my outreach

* I ask my donors for feedback

The more you care about your donors, the more they will care about your cause!