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Dedication of McKenna School of Education

Dedication of McKenna School of Education

Rob McKenna speaking at the dedication

Dr. Rob McKenna speaking at the dedication

Dr. Rob McKenna with Bishop Joab Lahara

Dr. Rob McKenna with Bishop Joab Lahara

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.33.41 AMThe school is dedicated to the poor and untouchable youth of India. Its aim is to prepare young leaders, who normally could not afford higher education, to be educators.

The school is the McKenna School of Education, a part of Immanuel University in Hyderabad, India. India has a huge market for teachers, and Christian teachers are valued because of their language skills and Christian values. Immanuel University is the result of a dream which began in 2010 for a graduate school that would educate Dalit (formerly called untouchables) and tribal men and women, which make up one-quarter of India’s population.

The McKenna School of Education, named in honor of David and Janet McKenna, former president and first lady of Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY, was dedicated on January 29, 2015. Dr. Rob McKenna, Director of the Seattle Pacific School of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, gave the dedicatory address and represented the McKenna family.

“The loop is now closed between the senior chapel at Asbury Seminary in 1953 when Dr. J.T. Seamands asked, ‘Who will answer the call of God and go to India?’” Dr. David McKenna said. “The call was for me and the decision of whether I would choose God’s way or my way. Although I never made it to India, the commitment to His will has been the testing point of my career at every intersection, especially when we answered His call to the presidency of Asbury Theological Seminary and had to uproot Rob, a high school freshman, in order to make the move. At that time, God gave us the promise through Rob, ‘You can trust me.’ The loop is closed now with Rob giving the dedicatory address at the University. The naming of the School of Education is only incidental. On its masthead should be God’s promise for all of us, ‘You can trust Me.’”

Click here to read Dr. Rob McKenna’s dedication speech.

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