The More the Merrier

by Dustin Weber

“The more the merrier” is my philosophy.

More donors, not bigger donors … Although I’m trying to get some larger monthly gifts, I quickly realized that most of my partnership pool are young, poor and in-experienced givers. But EVERYONE can give $10, and anyone who gives monthly feels they have a vested interest. I often challenged people when I spoke to give $10/month. (Pray 10 minutes a week for me, give $10 a month and consider going to the field for 10 days sometime this next year or two). I’ve noticed that most people give more than $10 (or eventually increase it) but they give because they don’t feel like they have to give a lot to make a difference.

More addresses than just partner addresses … I try to get contact information for everyone possible who shows any interest. Although they may not be ready to partner immediately, the Lord works on their heart, and as their church’s partnership grows with us, eventually they might come to a point where they want to partner as well. If they’re receiving communications from us, then they can do that. I collect email and mailing addresses and get them in a good database. Once I have them in a good database I can use them to send email campaigns through Constant Contact, paper newsletters or post cards.

Old fashioned newsletters … I think snail mail brings in more financial partners than email. I like doing a full color newsletter with pre-addressed business reply giving envelopes* sent to the whole database. I found that it pays for itself instantly and usually collects a lot of gifts from people who “meant to do this sooner but forgot.”

More giving options … Always offer a way for people to set up a monthly electronic gift without having to use FM Connect. All of my commitment cards offer the EFT and credit card option. MOST of my monthly electronic giving was set up this way, and most of it was by people who will most likely never use FM Connect. The goal is to always make giving as easy as possible.