Three Refugee Women Learn they have Value in God’s Eyes

By Impact Middle East

Women in the Middle East often face oppression in society and may be victims of violence in the home. Recently, we created a video, “Jordan: To Have Value,” featuring three refugee women who describe their lives before and after coming to the Impact Middle East church where Inas ministers to women.

Woman #1
My husband hits me every day without any reason, without any reason. I am abused by my husband because he’s nervous. He has to hit me. He likes to hit me. This is natural.

Now, I can say, “No!” I can say, “No, don’t hit me!” This is a surprise to my husband because he just hits me. He thinks I’m the same as the wall. He hit me, and I would never talk. But after these two years of coming to this church, he now told me, “You are a different woman!”

Woman #2
For 17 years, I worked in people’s homes just to have money to help my family. Any person who asked me, I would clean their home just to bring in some money for my kids because their father died.

I went out of the camp and attended this church. All the women who come to this church love the meeting and love Inas and what she does for us. She said, “Please, come here with us to this church.” And she doesn’t take anything from us. This is big gift from God just to learn more things about life, to have value. Thank you for everything. Thank you for what you do for us.

Woman #3
I don’t have any education. I cannot read. I cannot write. I stayed and worked at home for 40 years. This is the first time in those 40 years in the Palestinian refugee camp I heard that women have value.

Through this church, I have changed my life. I’m not just good for cooking. I’m not just good to work in the home. I have value. There are so many things I can do.