United Kingdom

Country Statistics

    Annual Conference

  • Population: 63,742,977
  • Evangelical Christians: 8.8%
  • FM Churches: 24
  • FMC Membership: 3,103
  • Ordained Ministers: 41
  • Ministerial Candidates: 5
  • Ecclesiastical Accountability: FMC-USA
    United Kingdom on the globe (Europe centered)

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    Pray for:

  • the advancement of the national vision to see more than 100 churches by 2034
  • wisdom as the new leadership framework continues to take shape and for this new leadership model to more effectively encourage the church’s growth and development
  • the strengthening of global partnerships with the wider Free Methodist Church
  • the development of fruitful leadership pathways, which will strengthen the local, national and global influence of the church for the advancement of God’s kingdom