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Africa – Church Building Teams who wish to participate in the project of building a church. In most cases this would include working under the direction of local builders. It could include cement block laying, cement work, basic wood-working. Often the projects are in hot environments. Good health is a necessity. Team size could be between four and ten members.
Togo – Youth Camp Team A team needed who could help conduct a youth camp. Team members would help with the various activities of the camp: some teaching (because French would be needed, teaching in English would be limited since a translator would be used), sports, drama, devotion times.
Philippines – Work Team
Various work teams are needed in Butuan City to come and put up pillars in preparation for putting a roof over a cement slab. There is currently a conference center, but it is maxed out at 300 people. When the roof is completed, the crowd can keep expanding since there will be no walls to hold the sound of the microphone in.
Philippines – Community Care Center About 5 miles outside of Butuan City, they are working on a Community Care Center. Eventually, this center will be a home for women who have been trafficked, a home for orphan boys, a home for orphan girls, and a retirement center for pastors. Currently, the home for orphan boys is the only building completed, but construction is ongoing. Development projects will also be ongoing, such as swine raising. The director of Ahon Ministries, in relationship with ICCM, is also in charge of this ministry
Philippines – International Child Care Ministries Minister in International Child Care Ministries centers. Past teams have accompanied the social workers as they visit homes, assisted Filipino dental teams, helped teach life skills, visited area schools, and worshiped with them on Sunday afternoon with their parents. Watch a video about the Hope Street Children’s Ministry at this link to learn more.
Thailand – English Camp The people of Thailand are eager to have native English speakers teach the language to their children. Teams are needed to conduct English camps for groups of students, particularly ages 7-12. Team members are welcome to include Bible stories and songs in their lessons as well as other fun activities for the kids. The opportunities are wide for serving the Lord and meeting a need.
Bulgaria – LOVE Bulgaria Conference Every summer, Al Mellinger helps organize a youth summer camp and outreach program called LOVE Bulgaria. Teams are needed to help put on activities, work with the children, and share the gospel. For more information, check out this promotional video.
Bulgaria - Summer Camps Team members for each of the camp options listed below need to be available for 6-8 days: at least 2 days before camp, 4-5 days of camp and 1-2 days for debriefing. (This will be worked out when the camp and dates are scheduled.) Cost is $50 a person/day, which includes meals, in-country transportation and lodging. The team is asked to provide some project funds to run the camp (amount to be determined with Team Bulgaria).
1. Summer Youth Camp Team Team Bulgaria is looking for teams (6-10 people) to help run summer camps for the children and youth of the newly formed Light & Life Free Methodist Church. The team would partner with Bulgarians to plan and implement the camp for the appropriate age group. The camp could include music, sports, crafts, games, teaching and anything else that might go into a summer camp experience.
2. Summer Day Camp Team Team Bulgaria is looking for teams (6-10 people) to help run day camps at our community center(s). Teams will partner with Bulgarians to organize and implement the day camp experience (running typically from 9 am-4 pm) focusing on either of these options: • Music, Dance & Drama The outreach team will hold classes each day - singing, drama, dance and maybe even some instrumental music. The last day will in end with an evening performance in the town square for the family and friends of the participants. • Sports The team will go to a different town each day and run a day long sports outreach with a morning session, break for lunch and an afternoon session. In the evening all players will be invited back to hear their teachers' testimonies.
3. Summer Family Camp Team Team Bulgaria is looking for teams (6-10 people) to help run a summer family camp for the newly formed Light & Life Free Methodist Church. Teams will partner with Bulgarians to organize and implement the camp to include activities for all age groups. These could include music, sports, crafts, games, recreation, teaching and anything else that might go into a summer camp experience.
Bulgaria - Women's Conferences Team Bulgaria is looking for women (individual or team) who would help hold women’s conferences and events. These could be a weekend or a one day event, or even nightly for several days. Each one is individually designed based on location and topic. Cost to team member is $50 a person per day, which includes meals, in-country transportation and lodging. Additionally the team is asked to provide some project funds to run the Women’s Conference(s).
Bulgaria - St John’s Home Construction Team Bulgaria is looking for individuals and/or teams to work alongside Bulgarians assisting with the remodeling and construction of the safe house for at-risk girls. The duration of this trip would be 7-14 days depending on the specific project and needs. Cost is $50 a person per day which includes meals, in-country transportation and lodging. Additionally the team is asked to provide some project funds to assist with the supplies of the current project.

Construction teams are needed to help with the modernization of the interior of a ministry center in the historic San Telmo district. The preliminary list of tasks includes electric and plumbing updates, window restoration, bathroom and kitchen renovation, painting, and carpentry. When an engineer and architect are allowed to travel and visit this site, a more detailed and comprehensive list of tasks and costs will be established.

Strategically located in the heart of Buenos Aires, this building was acquired in the 70's through the collaboration of Free Methodist people from Argentina, USA (Pacific Coast Japanese Conference and FMWM), Brazil (Nikkei) and Japan. The vision was to create a place where Japanese immigrants and their families could be won and discipled in Christ. Also, they wanted to have a place which could receive students from other regions of Argentina who were completing studies in the capital.

In 2020 a board of directors was formed representing the Nikkei Conference, the Latin American Area, ICCM and a representative for the Argentina Mission District. They came together to create a new ministry, The Harbor, that will be based out of this property. The Harbor exists to make committed disciples and develop healthy student leaders. The vision for the Harbor is that it will be an international Christian community (church) that is alive, healthy, vibrant and where holistic biblical transformation takes place. The Harbor will serve as a home and evangelistic training center to university students from all over Latin America. Students who come to live there will not only benefit from nearby study in the best universities of Latin America, but will also be equipped to multiply committed disciples...first in the church in Buenos Aires but also when they return to their home countries. Free Methodist missionaries, Rodrigo and Tanya Rosado, will lead this project under the direction of the aforementioned board.

Posted December 2020

High priority project - Durazno, Uruguay. Construction teams are needed to build a single floor residence (parsonage) with single-slope roof. The structure is to be composed of light-weight steel framing and appropriate exterior and interior wall board/sheeting and insulation, metal trussing and metal roofing. The structure will be secured to a concrete slab. The parsonage is urgently needed for a pastoral family who is very fruitful in ministry and providing excellent leadership in community church planting in the region. For nearly 10 years, this family has been sacrificially living in a small space in the church that is meant to be a classroom. The two children are now entering the teen years and for quality of life purposes, the need for an adequate residence is even more critical.

Posted May 2020.
Below are general projects that teams can be part of in the Middle-East:

1. Prayer Team
2. Medical Teams
3. VBS Teams
4. Theology Teachers-Egypt
5. Leadership Coach
6. Small Maintenance Team -General Building Repair.
If interested, contact Jonathan Eccles at for more information.

Oakdale Christian Academy Essential to completing the construction of the new girls’ dormitory and the renovation and expansion of the boys’ dormitory will be the involvement of work teams. Oakdale is seeking volunteers to help with flooring, sprinkling, plumbing, electrical, and painting. Contact Will Mosier-Peterson at 606-666-5422 ext 101. More information about Oakdale Academy at