What Is?

What is an MSA?

Missionary Support Account

Each missionary (or missionary family) has a specific support account—their MSA. Each MSA total includes a fixed amount common to all FM missionaries, including salary, insurance and basic benefits. Also included is an additional variable amount based on their specific field expenses and area budgets. Factors in this figure include: children’s education, rent, utilities, travel, etc. The figure is calculated with the field chairman and area director.

MSAs are funded by local churches and individuals who commit to be partners in ministry with the missionary and who designate giving to that specific MSA.

What is a CPD?

Church Planting & Development

CPD funds are designated to specific country budgets, providing assistance to:

  • Free Methodist indigenous evangelists and leaders in the country who are able to minister with cultural effectiveness, but have limited financial resources.
  • Vital Free Methodist ministries within that country in the areas of: church planting/evangelism, leadership development, and compassion/community transformation. These ministries are usually led by our global partners.

Each CPD is built to be consistent with annual budgets with consideration for field needs and in consultation with missionaries and national leaders on the field.

Local churches and individuals are asked to make commitments and designate giving to fund specific CPDs.

  • Commitments are the primary way FMWM has to determine the level of funding in place for each CPD.
  • CPD commitments are a vital component of determining quarterly appropriations sent to each field.
  • Many CPDs are funded through ongoing partnerships with local churches. All church CPD commitments are to be renewed annually.

What is an EMP?

Extra Mile Project

Extra Mile Projects are established to meet special needs outside of the country’s or missionary’s determined budget. Each EMP goes through an approval process before funds are distributed.