Earlier this week, Ben Godoy was hospitalized in Bogotá, Colombia. Ben is the nine-year-old son of Leo and Kay Stotts Godoy (missionary to Chile and regional ICCM coordinator). They were in Colombia to connect with ICCM leaders and attend the Latin America missionary retreat. Ben has been very ill and in intensive care. Yesterday they discovered he has E. coli and Norovirus.

On Wednesday evening, January 15, Kay Stotts Godoy sent this update:

Thank you for your intercession on Ben’s behalf, and your words of love and support. They are holding us up as we ask our Almighty God for healing for Ben. He slept through the night, and we are encouraged today’s test results reveal his kidneys, blood cells, and platelets look good. He has been able to eat small portions of soft food without pain. Diarrhea has slowed down considerably. These are wonderful answers to prayer!

Please continue to pray with us for his intestines to become healthy and strong again, and his appetite to increase. Thank you!

As I read Psalm 36:7 to him this morning, he imagined God’s wings–white and gold– creating a refuge around his hospital room. Amen!

Please continue to pray for Ben’s complete healing, and the presence, peace and strength of the Holy Spirit to surround this family.