October Prayer Guide

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Hotline – Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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Praise the Lord! Pastor Dosseh Takpale reports 14 people were baptized in Notse, Togo, on October 19. Pray for these new believers as they mature in their faith.

Please continue to pray about the unrest in the Congo. The situation in the town of Minembwe remains very difficult. Pray for God to sustain the people in this area who are suffering.


Praise the Lord for two newly appointed missionaries in this area:

In January 2020, Roger and Ellen Haskins will join the FMWM-Asia missionary team, serving to provide support and development for national leaders across Southeast Asia.

Mark Barigye, a recent graduate of Greenville University, will be joining the Asia missionary team for a one-year VISA assignment in Darwin, Australia. Mark will serve in the community establishing connections and assisting in church planting efforts.

Pray for members of the Asia leadership team who will travel to one creative access country this week to hold annual meetings for teaching and leadership development. Pray for the encouragement of the national leaders in this country.


Area Director Josh Fajardo visited in Brussels and Leuven, Belgium, this past week. Pray for leaders as they plan and work together to establish a new church plant in Belgium.


Please be in prayer for the nation of Chile and our Free Methodist brothers and sisters there. The government has declared a state of emergency in Santiago and four other principal areas of the country due to on-going, spontaneous protests and looting. Some of these have resulted in violence. In some places, people do not have access to water or food. The transportation system has been stopped, and there is widespread destruction. Pray for God to bring a transformation in this situation.

Also, pray for Pastor Diego Bracho of the Casa Grande Church in Santiago, Chile. His aunt was killed in a car accident last week in his home country (Creative Access Country-X). His mother, who was also in the accident, sustained multiple injuries. She may have to have her left arm amputated.

Rev. Rex Bullock reports about the situation in Haiti: “As of today, Haiti is still in the grips of political turmoil and major demonstrations. The Free Methodist missions compound is at ground zero of these demonstrations, so the offices have been closed for several weeks. Food prices continue to rise, and the fuel shortage is making travel extremely hard. Most schools are closed, and it has become increasingly hard to have church on the weekends. Please continue to pray that the political situation will be resolved quickly for the good of the country and the people.”


Praise the Lord, in the midst of suffering and violence, people in the most difficult areas of the Middle East are finding healing, hope and new life in Christ. Continue to pray for those who are displaced. Pray for the transformation of heart in those inflicting the violence to have transformed hearts. Ask God to show leaders ways to find peace. Pray that believers everywhere will offer the love and compassion of Christ.


Free Methodist World Missions gives thanks for the life of former missionary Betty Ellen Pastorius. Betty and her husband Ken, a medical doctor, served four years in India as medical missionaries at Umri Christian Hospital. A memorial service will be held on November 2, in Ontario, Canada.


This week, bishops and delegates from Free Methodist General Conferences around the world will gather in São Paulo Brazil, for the Free Methodist World Conference. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s presence to lead and guide these leaders as they consider the work of the church and the expansion of God’s kingdom throughout the world.


Rompe Gibão, Bahia, Brazil, is a very poor region with a brand new Free Methodist Church. Praise the Lord for the successful VBS they held there. Pray the few ICCM sponsored children there will have a desire to hide God’s word in their hearts and be a witness for Him.

To learn more about ICCM, click here.


SEED helps artisan livelihood groups find U.S. buyers outside the church who will purchase products. Last year, SEED helped broker a contract between the Overcomers group and a company making reusable fabric softener holders. The contract provided steady work for the group members throughout the year. The Overcomers group had incurred debts when someone cheated them. Because of this contract they were able to finish paying off all their debts. Praise God for this sustainability! Ask God to help SEED connect more artisan groups with new markets.

To learn more about SEED, click here.


Pray for Kevin Austin (Set Free Director) as he addresses students at three different colleges or universities in Kansas this week.

Learn more about SET FREE.


FMWM is looking for a VISA volunteer to serve as the Site Manager at Kibuye Hope Hospital in Burundi. Pray for God to call an individual or couple who would be willing to serve for one to two years.
For more information, contact Jonathan

To learn more about VISA MINISTRIES, click here.


Thom and Sherry Cahill
Kevin Austin
Mike and Andrea Green
Al and Diane Mellinger
Chris and Yuko Wilkins


The 2019-2020 FMWM Ministry Prayer Directories are available. They include information and
prayer requests for each country and missionary. Please contact janet.coates@fmcusa.org to request additional copies for
your church or prayer group.

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