August Prayer Guide

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Hotline – Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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Please continue in prayer for missionary Ashley Carroll. She needs to receive her Kenyan work
permit by the end of this month. She will go to the immigration office again on Thursday, August 22.
Pray this visit will help move the process along. It will greatly simplify her life if she can move
beyond the limitations of her visitors permit.


Holy Light Seminary in Taiwan will begin a new semester soon. Pray for the new President, Dr. John
Guu, and all the faculty, staff and students as they approach the new school year.

Continue in prayer for the unrest in Hong Kong. Pray for God to come in a mighty way to a people
who desperately need to know of the peace and freedom found in Jesus Christ. Pray for the ministry
of the Hong Kong FM Church during these uncertain times.

Missionary Roger Stone (Philippines) reports that after four days of recording, the team recording
the Ayta Abellen translation has completed recording approximately 7% of the New Testament.
Praise the Lord for answered prayer! Please continue praying for this process.


Zsuzsa McNamara, Set Free Leader in Hungary, was invited to organize a program on August 21 at a
local Salvation Army shelter in Budapest. Pray for the children’s program during the day, followed by
a presentation to the women about safeguarding their children from human trafficking. Also, pray
for the next Set Free prayer gathering on August 26. Ask the Lord to use these times to transform
the lives of women and children in Budapest.


Eunice Alvarez is an international missionary from Mexico who is serving in Quito, Ecuador. Pray for
a youth retreat that takes place this month and her work in pastoral formation and church planting.
Also, pray for the processing of Pastora Eunice’s two-year visa.

Area Director Dr. Ricardo Gomez will lead a Pastoral Formation Seminar in Lota, Chile August 23-26.
Pray for Dr. Ricardo as he teaches, for the safe travel of pastors coming from across Chile, and for
the application of the teaching once they return to their communities.


Pray for partnerships with mental health practitioners in this region, as believers care for and
empower victims of trauma, violence, and human trafficking. Pray the individuals being served will
experience the profound healing and transformation of Jesus Christ.


Several missionary children are starting their freshman year of college. Pray for their adjustments to
college life.

Marissa Crouse (daughter of J.R. and Becky Crouse)
Mika Hall (daughter of Gene and Minori Hall)
Libby Lorenz (daughter of Glenn and Wendy Lorenz)
Brennan (son of Scott and Karen, creative access)
Nasya Myers (daughter of Ken and Letty Myers)


Praise the Lord for Mo and Elisha who were recipients of the “Champions for Children” award at the
General Conference ICCM dinner in July. Pray that God will continue to use them. Pray for more
children to be champions for Him.

To learn more about ICCM, click here.


Pray for SEED as they work toward helping leaders in Iraq determine the best micro-enterprise
projects to focus on for Freedom Sunday. Give praise for the skills and possibilities that already
exists among the refugees and groups in this region.

To learn more about SEED, click here.


Pray for churches across the U.S. to join in participation in Freedom Sunday, September 29. The Set
Free Movement, ICCM, and SEED are teaming up with Impact Middle East to build upon their
existing efforts to refugees in Northern Iraq. Click Freedom Sunday for information on how your
church can be involved.

To learn more about the SET FREE MOVEMENT, click here.


Please be in prayer for a team from Northgate Free Methodist Church in Batavia, NY. They are
serving in Rwanda through August 25.

To learn more about VISA MINISTRIES, click here.


Saturday, September 25, 2019 from 9am-4pm
Indianapolis, Indiana
Training will focus on preparing teams well for cross-cultural ministry and helping teams fit into the
strategy of Free Methodist World Missions. For more information
To register, please click: Team Leader Training


Eunice Alvarez
Eduardo and Cindi Angelo
David and Sarah Clemente
Phil and Debra Gilmore
Al and Diane Mellinger
Don Rogers (Affiliate – Empowering Lives International)
Chris and Yuko Wilkins


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