October Prayer Guide

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Hotline – Tuesday, October 8, 2019

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Please continue in prayer for the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon.
People in both countries continue to suffer as a result of violence, disease, and
economic difficulties. Ask the Father to provide peace and answers to these
complicated problems.

Vickie Reynen will be traveling in Kenya over the next two weeks to work with a new
ICCM coordinator and attend three women’s conferences. Pray for God’s wisdom
and guidance in her various ministry endeavors during these days.


David Clemente is the Asia Area Assistant for Ministry Development. This week he is
traveling to explore a possible partnership and opportunity for Free Methodist work
in a new area. Pray for safety and clear communication in connecting with
indigenous leaders.

Pray for missionaries Tim and Lily Kinkead, who return to Taiwan this week after
three months of partnership building. Pray for a smooth transition as they resume
their ministry and life in Taiwan.

Protests in Hong Kong have continued for nearly 20 weeks. Pray for peace and for
believers in Hong Kong to speak joy, peace and hope to those around them.


Praise the Lord for the growing group of Iranian Christians in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Ask the Lord to provide protection from spiritual attacks as they step out to affirm
their faith in Christ.

Pray for Pastor Carmelo Palm├ęs Guedes, the national leader of the Free Methodist
Church in Spain. He will undergo neck surgery soon. Pray for his healing through this


Two missionary couples, Thad and Nikki Roller and Rich and Laurie Sheriff, are
working to complete their partnership building and get to their field of service. Pray
the Lord will lead them to the individuals and churches that will be strong partners
for their work in Latin America.

Please continue in prayer for Haiti. The violence and economic difficulties have not
ceased. Ask the Lord to bring hope in a place where there is potential for great
despair. Pray for God’s loving hand of provision during these uncertain days.


Pray for the thousands of displaced people throughout the Middle East. Ask the Lord
to help them find a place of belonging among those who are followers of Jesus


Praise the Lord for all the churches who participated in Freedom Sunday. Pray the
efforts to help refugees in Iraq will be a blessing.

To learn more about ICCM, click here.


Chocolate is often harvested by child labor and slaves. As Halloween approaches,
pray that people will intentionally buy chocolate that honors farmers and harvesters.
Search online for “Fair Trade Halloween Chocolate” to see what options are

To learn more about SEED, click here.


Pray for Set Free Director Kevin Austin and missionary Dee Dee
Galloway(Bulgaria).They will be giving presentations at three conferences in the
United Kingdom this next week.

Learn more about SET FREE.


FMWM is looking for a VISA volunteer to teach English as a Second Language in the
Middle East. Pray for God to call an individual or couple who would be willing
to serve for one to two years. For more information, contact Jonathan

To learn more about VISA MINISTRIES, click here.


Chadwick and Sarah Anderson
Kevin Austin
Thom and Sherry Cahill
David and Sarah Clemente
Phil and Debra Gilmore
Tim and Lily Kinkead
Michael and Maria Long
David and Yeya Lopez
Al and Diane Mellinger
Thad and Nikki Roller
Rodrigo and Tanya Rosado


The 2019-2020 FMWM Ministry Prayer Directories are available. They include information and
prayer requests for each country and missionary. Please contact janet.coates@fmcusa.org to request additional copies for
your church or prayer group.

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