June Prayer Guide

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Hotline – Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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The Wesley Missionary Institute in Togo is ready to open. Students are prepared to enroll, but their attendance will require scholarship funding. Pray the Lord will provide for these students who anticipate becoming missionaries throughout West Africa.

Please join in prayer for conditions in Africa to allow the re-opening of travel between countries to allow leaders to reengage in critical work and leadership training efforts.

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Praise the Lord for more than 40 new believers baptized last month in one creative access country.

Praise the Lord for Darin and Jill Land who just completed 11 years of ministry and teaching at Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary. Pray for them as Darin transitions to a full-time focus on FM leadership development across Asia, especially during these days when physical travel is limited and sometimes impossible. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and innovative educational solutions over the next few months.



Greece is coming out of its lockdown period and phasing back into a new way of life. Missionaries Michael and Maria Long invite us to join in prayer for the FM church in Greece as ministry takes on new forms. Language groups will be meeting at different times and in many places. Pray for the expansion of the kingdom as they make a fresh start amid many unknowns.

Pray for our churches in Hungary as they prepare to resume meeting for Sunday morning worship services. Ask the Lord to give wisdom and creativity as they plan and proceed with needed hygiene and social distancing procedures in place.



The Pura Vida Church in Esteriolls, Costa Rica, has been addressing the hard economic times many families have undergone because of the pandemic lockdown. This church is supplying chicks and hens to families to provide a sustainable food source. So far, they have distributed 3000 chicks to over 300 families. In the next phase, they plan to distribute 2000 laying hens. Give thanks to the Lord and pray for this ongoing ministry at this critical time. To learn more, click here.

Please join in giving praise to the Lord for the miraculous recovery of a FM pastor in Chile. He was very ill and tested positive for COVID-19. His lungs collapsed; he was intubated and had to be resuscitated twice. Many people were praying, and he is now home. Please continue to pray for people across Latin America. It is now considered the epicenter of the pandemic. Pray for the Lord to have mercy and keep the situation from further jeopardizing the health, well-being, and livelihood of millions.



Give thanks for how the Father has worked in the Middle East during the Coronavirus crisis. The public worship services ceased, but through technology, home visits, prayer, and food distributions, many are being drawn to Jesus, and many believers are being encouraged. Continue to pray for leaders across the Middle East. Pray for God to strengthen and encourage them as they recognize ongoing opportunities to demonstrate the love of Christ in tangible ways.



Please continue to pray for peace to prevail in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Haiti. Pray for God’s hand of care to be on the children and those attempting to care for them amid the challenges of the pandemic.

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Thank the Lord for global partnerships! SEED partners in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East are well aware of the current events in the United States. They are praying and sending us encouraging Scriptures. We are grateful to God for them, and for the love God shows us through them.
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Pray for and plan to engage in the efforts of Freedom Sunday. Because of COVID-19 and the challenges it has presented to churches, the Set Free Movement encourages churches to participate any Sunday from September 2020 through Lent 2021.
Registration began on June 1. Begin to pray and ask the Lord how you might engage in the fight against human trafficking and modern-day slavery in your community and around the world.

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Due to current travel complications and for the health and safety of our missionaries, national
leaders and volunteers, all VISA trips have been canceled until at least January 2021. For more
specific information,
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To inform your prayers for our missionary team, please read these current newsletters:

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June Heartbeat

Missions Alive! – Middle East!
The 2020 Missions Alive! Curriculum for grades 1-6 is now available to
download free. Due to the sensitive nature of work in this region, the
curriculum and accompanying videos are password protected.
Please email janet.coates@fmcusa.org or call #1-800-342-5531, ext.266, to request access.

Missions Resources

The FMWM Ministry Prayer Directory is a print only piece, including information and prayer requests for each country and missionary. To receive copies of the 2019-2020 Ministry Prayer Directory, contact Janet.Coates@fmcusa.org.


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