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Alan & Ammabellee Bacus

Asia – International Missionaries



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After serving eight years as Bishop of the Philippines, in January 2023, Alan and Ammabellee Bacus joined the FMWM-Asia missionary team as international missionaries. They will assist the Asia team in prayerfully exploring opportunities to launch house churches in targeted gateway cities across Asia while also working toward expanding campus outreach to young adults, a successful strategy launched during Alan’s term as bishop of the Philippines. FMWM-Asia anticipates Alan and Ammabellee’s spiritual influence will enhance the area-wide vision of influencing one million Asians toward Jesus.


Children: Alan Josiah, Azaneah Jannah, Asher Jedd

Pray For

  • their family as they transition to a new ministry and location, moving from Butuan City to Ilocos Norte in the Northern Philippines
  • sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit in carrying out the necessary steps in implementing ministry plans
  • strength and wisdom as they encourage and mobilize leaders in Asia to be more intentional in campus ministry
  • wisdom and discernment as they help initiate disciple-making communities in gateway cities throughout Asia
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