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Asia Area Director



As Asia Area director, Eric has three strategic priorities. He oversees the FMWM missionary team in Asia. He partners with national leaders to build support strategies that will help expand the church. And finally, he works to purposefully connect FMC-Asia with FMC-USA, building mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships. Pastor Eric and his wife, Virginia, have served the Free Methodist Church since 1990.

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Pray For

  • the Lord of the Harvest to mobilize workers, identify and empower leaders, and bring millions to faith in Christ across Asia
  • health, safety and ongoing strength
  • wisdom and discernment as they seek to provide leadership throughout Asia
  • clarity and love in communication across multiple cultures
  • Spirit-filled ministry effectiveness
Kingdom Principles from the Lotus Plant

Kingdom Principles from the Lotus Plant

The lotus flower is a beautiful aquatic perennial grown in many parts of Asia. It is often used for medicinal purposes or used in cooking, baking and adding flavor. At the annual conference in Creative Access Asia-VN, Superintendent Hien told a story of his fishpond...

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Come and See

Come and See

Imagine seeing children drink and play in filthy water — water you wouldn’t even step in because you know it contains water from toilets, sinks, pastures and all manner of runoff. Imagine living in a place where the closest thing you get to clean water is the...

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Why Are You Singing

Why Are You Singing

“Why are you all singing?” the neighbors asked Ms. Holly (not her real name). Ms. Holly is a cross-cultural worker living in Country-VN. It is illegal to share the gospel with others. The neighbors are suspicious of the group’s singing and wary of the foreigner. They...

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