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For nearly 10 years, the Browns served as pastors to the missionary team in Africa. In 2022, they passed this role on to Scott and Natasha Edinger. Art and Sylvia have now assumed a support role for our team of missionary care couples – Scott and Natasha Edinger (Africa), Mark and Judi Morrison (Asia), Mitch and Lynn Sue Pierce (Europe), and Guy and Betsy Crawford (Latin America). The Browns will help coach, equip and strengthen FMWM’s missionary care team.

Pray For

  • wisdom in directing the care team to resources and training opportunities
  • a strong prayer base for our missionaries and their children
  • development of strong, supportive relationships among the missionary care team
Power and Potential in Community

Power and Potential in Community

Picture a circle of young Togolese women. They are gathered for the Thrive/Wunders training. Yvonne, the Thrive Kenya leader conducting the training, said, “OK, pretend you are a teacher … and ‘you,’ you are an Auntie from church. Bella, pretend you are the nurse.”...

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Planting and Growing in Latin America

Planting and Growing in Latin America

From the plentiful plains of Argentina to the mountainous coffee-bean farms of Colombia, much of Latin America is known for its fertile soil and lush agricultural environments. The process of cultivating growth – preparing soil, planting seeds, caring for young plants...

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