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A Cross-Cultural Union Fueling Asia’s Faith

by Eric, Asia Area Director | Apr 2024 | Heartbeat, HB Asia, HB Philippines

Helri and Phuong’s story transcends borders. It is a story of shared passion for Jesus. Helri, an ordained elder from the Free Methodist General Conference of the Philippines, met Phuong, a dynamic young leader from Creative Access-VN, during the 2018 Young Leader’s Mission Congress sponsored by the Asia Pacific Free Methodist Missions Association (APFMMA). Despite the distance, the relationship progressed, and the couple married in August 2023. A few months later, they were commissioned as FMWM-Asia’s second international missionary couple.

Their paths may have originated in different corners of the continent, but their destination is clear: serving the Lord, together.

Helri, a graduate of Asia Pacific Nazarene Seminary, will join the Gethsemane Leadership Training team. Phuong has natural evangelistic gifts and a compassionate heart toward touching the lives of children and youth, a ministry that reflects her soul and her story. Together they dream of fostering the next generation of leaders. These dreams include planting seeds of faith through innovative means like baking and teaching English — establishing relationships through practical means, sharing life and the love of God.

Helri and Phuong’s story is a testament to the power of love and faith. It’s a story of ambition, compassion, seasoned leadership and youthful zeal, all woven together by an unwavering commitment to serve. As they embark on this new chapter, their journey is not just theirs; it’s a beacon of hope, a love letter to Asia, and a promise pointing to the power of the good news of Jesus!

We expect they will be fully engaged in the work on the field by the middle of this year.

Why not join them? They are prayerfully seeking gospel partners to pray for them and support their ministry financially. We invite you to be a part of a unique new team with a long-term kingdom view.

To partner with them: