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Leaders play a significant role in the construction of every society and community. In a world of constant change, the importance of trained and committed leaders cannot be underestimated. The training of national leaders emerges as a fundamental pillar for the growth of the mission district in Costa Rica. This training goes beyond mere skills and delves into the essence of leadership, embracing the comprehensive formation of healthy leaders in head, heart and hands.

In the Costa Rica Mission District, we are committed to leadership development. We provide head, heart and hands training through the online District Ministerial Training Center, with weekly meetings and an approximate attendance of 15 to 20 people in each course. For each module, we take time for holistic care, a time of accountability where students can open their hearts and be encouraged and supported by each other.

The students have also been motivated to put their learning into practice through missionary trips to various parts of the country. These trips support new Community Church Planting initiatives while training committed disciples through the Disciples Making Disciples course. One of the most recent fruits of the intentional leadership training is the “El Porvenir” Restoration Center project, an addiction rehabilitation home where lives are being transformed.

Erick was a young man drowning in a life of drug addiction and facing a terminal illness. A group of students from the Ministerial Training Center visited his home and shared the Word of God with him. In his home, Erick received Jesus into his life and found hope and motivation to move forward. Today, Erick shares his testimony with other young people and is a faithful collaborator in the “El Porvenir” project.

Investing in the comprehensive training of healthy leaders opens a pathway toward the multiplication of committed disciples who bring transformation and restoration to all communities in Costa Rica.

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