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Finding the Open Door

by Rev. Rufus Kahn | Feb 2023 | HB Africa, HB Liberia, HB Sierra Leone, HB Togo, Heartbeat

Mamoud Koroma is his name. He joined us after serving with another church. The pastor of this church had died, and young Koroma was unsure what he should do next. He started praying. Then he met Pastor Emmanuel Mbawa. Mbawa had returned to Sierra Leone after years of church planting in Liberia. The Free Methodist Church in Liberia had welcomed Mbawa and made plans to work with him in starting Free Methodist work in Sierra Leone.

When Koroma met Mbawa, it became clear to Koroma, This is the answer to my prayers. He began working with Pastor Mbawa, an enthusiastic church planter and trainer. Koroma eagerly received training for church planting, along with some other pastors. He served locally with Mbawa. At about the same time, the Wesley Missionary Training Institute in Togo was preparing to open its doors to the first class of students. Koroma was chosen as Sierra Leone’s candidate — preparation for a new door of missionary service.

After a year of schooling at the institute, a dialogue between Koroma and Mbawa began regarding where Koroma would serve once he graduated and returned to Sierra Leone. Koroma returned, but there were still some loose ends in their plan. While Pastor Mbawa was out of town on church business, Koroma thought, I must get on with this assignment. He packed a couple of things and headed for Bo, where he was confident the Lord wanted him to begin church planting.

In Bo, Koroma found lodging with a friend. While staying in this home, the friend’s father gave his life to Christ! The thankful father was headed for an extended stay in Freetown and gave Koroma the use of his home since Koroma had no arranged place to stay. Koroma organized outreach meetings and found the Spirit of the Lord working through him. Ministry kept moving forward, and now there is an ongoing discipleship group meeting. Six people who received Christ were baptized in December 2022.

As work continues, one more door has opened for Koroma. Through the generosity of a donor, Koroma now has enough support to rent his own place. We thank the Lord for the doors He has opened for Koroma and the growing work of the church in Bo.