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For I Am About to Do a New Thing

by Raúl Araña | Mar 2023 | Heartbeat, HB Europe, HB Spain

The dawn of a new year fills us with joyful expectations of something new, fresh and different to come – something that will bring life and the hope of better things to come.

I consider this, and my heart explodes with gratitude and excitement as I hear revival in the distance. It is a revival brought about by the movement of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those fully surrendered and aligned with the mission of God. Followers of Jesus are doing this mission, disciples from every language, tribe and nation who have said, regardless of their circumstances, “Yes, here I am.”

I share the story of Pastor Isaac, a Ghanaian pastor who leads Wesley Methodist Church in Lérida, Barcelona, Spain. The church is composed of 80-90 people from Ghana and Nigeria. Although many arrived in Lérida as refugees, leaving behind family and all that was familiar to them, they kept their eyes on Jesus. By faith, they continue to bring God’s life changing love to all around them. Their situation is not ideal, but they are not allowing circumstances to dictate their future, especially when it comes to being part of the extension of God’s kingdom.

Pastor Isaac and the church are not content to stay where they are and do nothing. They believe God is calling them to reach out to neighboring regions and bring light and life to the diaspora – other refugees living in the province of Barcelona. Their vision is to be catalysts for the gospel. They are praying for and finding people of peace willing to open their homes and establish faith community groups. From these groups, the gospel can flow like a river of living water.

I invite you to pray with us as we engage in leadership training and discipleship formation with this church. Pray for Pastor Isaac and the Wesley Methodist Church as they begin the affiliation process to become a Free Methodist church, loving God, loving people and making disciples.

I hear the sound of revival in the distance like a train approaching the town. I see the Spirit of the Lord mobilizing His people from every language, tribe, and nation – “For I am about to do a new thing, says the Lord.”

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