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Kids sitting on ground eating food from bowls with spoons

“Chiyembekezo” is the Chichewa word for hope. ICCM’s Chiyembekezo project seeks to care for the poorest of the poor in their community. More than half of the children sponsored through ICCM in Malawi are orphans. While some live with guardians or members of their extended family, the caretakers face difficulty in meeting their needs without help. Sponsorship through ICCM makes it possible for these children to receive holistic care.

The Chiyembekezo project is a place of hope for the community. It provides not only an education for many children but also proper nutrition and sustainable animal projects. As has been the case globally, Malawians suffered amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Since most of the children under ICCM Malawi’s care receive daily nutrition as they gather for school, the closing of schools meant ICCM Malawi had to shift its focus. They were able to continue providing the children with proper nutrition during the lockdown quarantines.

The Rev. Annie Mdazyola, ICCM Malawi national coordinator, has overseen this work and fostered its growth since 2013. In her words, “I am confident that when God called me into ministry, He wanted me to work with children.” To the generous donors of ICCM, she expresses, “There are children you’ve never met physically, but you have ‘met’ them by your giving.”

Praise God for the life-changing orphan care taking place through ICCM in Malawi and in multiple countries around the world.

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