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“I loved the message, but…”

by An Impact Middle East Leader | Jul 2022 | Heartbeat, HB Middle East

Woman with a head covering smiling

We invited a woman from one of our searching groups to join us for an event explicitly organized to reach people for Christ. The messages we delivered were very clear, and we felt the Holy Spirit surrounding and touching the event and many hearts.

When the event was finished, the woman came to me saying: “I loved the message. It was good, but I can’t accept Jesus as Savior for my life. That decision would turn my life upside down.”

I thanked her for coming and for sharing her thoughts with me. I left her with a question: “What will your life look like if you don’t accept Christ as Savior?” She smiled at me and said, “It will be the same – fine.” Soon after, she called three times asking questions and requesting some books about Jesus, which we delivered to her.

Then I had a dream. Jesus was standing, knocking at this woman’s door. But no one opened the door. Jesus whispered to my heart, “She couldn’t hear my voice because of the noise – the noise of her family, community, culture and her busyness of work.” This dream encouraged me to continue speaking to her even more directly of Jesus.

Photo Credit: Trevor Owen