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Woman in animal print shirt with dark hair and glasses looking at camera. Behind her is an open space with stone columns.

Marlín, a 51-year-old woman, thought her life was perfect! Her family was just as she had dreamed, and she had a wonderful job doing what she was passionate about – teaching. As a teacher, she thought she was prepared to face any difficult situation, until one day, when everything changed.

Nothing was as it had been. Marlín’s family was no longer united; she was alone in facing a divorce and many issues at home. Over the years, Marlín had become dependent on her husband. She thought the way to end this cycle was to take refuge in a new love relationship to fill the void. Without realizing it, her life began spiraling out of control. In her job, nothing was working. Her parents suffered health problems, and she also became seriously ill. In deep anguish, Marlín began to think her life was not worth living. She wanted to die. Alone in her despair, she blamed God for all that was happening.

A turning point came through a phone call she received from her colleague, Professor Jany, a person committed to the multiplication of churches. Jany invited Marlín to a house of peace where the Word of God would be shared. In desperation, Marlín agreed to go. In the meeting, God reminded Marlín that He loved her and would never abandon her. She experienced the change she so desired. Her eyes were opened, and she understood the need for God to come into her heart. She gave up the control she was clinging to and invited Him to take control of her life.

Marlín now lives in joy and freedom. When she let God in, she was transformed. Marlín understands difficulties are sometimes necessary, but God’s promises are true despite the harsh circumstances. Convinced of God’s faithfulness, her faith is strong.

Today, Marlín is healthy. Her life has been restored, and she has a deepening relationship with her loving God. She currently belongs to the prayer leadership team of the Kingdom of God Network. Marlín is also a person of peace. She opened her heart to God and has also opened the doors of her home every Saturday so others can meet her loving and faithful God.